1. L

    looking for a site to discuss technical questions

    I am looking for a site to talk about Intel chips and data sheets in details. These questions are raised rarely by people and only engineers are interested in them. I wonder if anybody can tell me if there is such a site. Besides Intel forums are inactive and nobody answers the questions, even...
  2. dreamcatcher

    The Xperia Arc thread!!!

    We have seen a lot of threads like the HTC this,Samsung this and even an LG this thread. So now that, many guys here have the arc and will soon be having one(me included) lets put in our opinions and see if we can help each other out. I am an X10 user and have some idea about the arc. Any...
  3. cute.bandar

    External HDD questions

    have to get a external HDD for my cousin. have lots of questions! 1. I have an old(4 years) never used USB 2.0 ide HDD casing. Would it be safe to use it ? i.e buy a 2.5" ide HDD and just stick it in the casing. 2. is the speed affected if the external HDD's interface is sata or IDE ? 3...
  4. G

    Help me decide what I'll study after 10th

    Hey, I want to start off by saying that I know this isn't a forum dedicated to education and that there are similar topics in this very forum. I feel I have slightly different interests (and questions for you). Please feel free to redirect me to a more suitable forum if needed. About me...
  5. Jaskanwar Singh

    IIT-JEE problems

    guys shouldnt there be a thread where we can discuss several questions sometimes with each other? we can try to solve each others problems. :razz: when replying to questions put answers in spolier tags. so that others dont want to see it.
  6. P

    VMC Entrance test!!!

    Hii guys, while googling a found out a thread of it but it was closed. now to the point. i am in class IX. i have studied maths for the vmc entrance on 16th jan. after seeing the questions in the cd provided by them, i almost had an heart attack. please can u tell me whther what kind of...
  7. Faun

    Should I buy BSNL EVDO card from existing user ?

    Someone is ready to sell the card (in bangalore) and quoted me with this "Speed is 2 mbps, its unlimited plan cost is 770 per month including tax. Device cost is 3200, its new device only. " Is the price of device right ? And what other questions I should ask him. How will I pay the...
  8. F

    Question related to HTC touch 2 Windows 6.5

    Hi, I am using a HTC Touch 2 with Windows 6.5. My questions are: How do I set to close/deactivate automatically my GPRS connection once Emails are downloaded after every 15 min. Can I schedule my download timing with some additional software. How the SMS/Text view can normal (not a...
  9. sriharsha_madineni

    Info needed on Enat-2010 for MCA

    Hi all, I'm appearing for ENAT-2010 for joining MCA at Manipal University, although the syllabus is mentioned as below, I'm not able to understand what topics are covered under respective subjects. Can anyone who appeared for ENAT MCA exam shed some light on this
  10. P

    Your Tech Quotient Contest

    Hi Guys, Nice technology news based contest. Register at to receive daily questions through newsletters. Answer correctly to win many cool prizes!! Prabal Pratap
  11. dreamcatcher

    The SEX10 saga..

    well guys.. as some of you know, I have received my X10 and will be posting a review of it shortly. So if anyone here has any questions that need to be addressed, feel free to shoot. I would be more than happy to comply. :)
  12. B

    Klueless 5 Discussion Thread

    While stuck during the Digit CTC, I started playing Klueless 5 as suggested by the members. I thought that I'd make this thread here to help people who get Clueless playing Klueless ! Let the questions come !
  13. P

    Get free ipods ps3 and more for answering simple questions

    Hi friends i had found a site called lockers which provides free gifts for answering simple questions they ask one question per day for that wnt get points that can be redeemed as gifts currently you can join only from invitation from existing members if you want invitation you can pm me with...
  14. A

    help needed to join networking course in HCL

    Hello Friends, I and my friend is willing to join the networking course offered by HCL Infosystems. Can anyone please tell me the details regarding the course structure,fee structure , eligibility. My questions are as follows : 1) Course structure? 2) Fee Details 3) Eligibility Criteria 4)...
  15. Raaabo

    From the Editor's Desk

    CTC - click to continue! Hi Guys, I just thought there should be one place on this forum where you can get direct, no-nonsense answers straight from the Editor. Suggestions, queries and more welcome here. Please don't post troubleshooting or generic questions here, this is only for those who...
  16. P

    The CAT 2009 Discussion Thread

    Guys CAT-2009 is already going on all full-swing or rather all mellow considering the issues it has been facing country-wide. So,it would be good if those guys who have 'already' given the CAT-2009 may post their experiences.It would help to clear a lot of fuss that is circulating in the media...
  17. Raaabo

    Connect with Nokia!

    Got questions on how Nokia phones are designed? Ever wonder what goes behind the designing of a handset – from inspiration to the actual product? What are the mobile design trends, what is the future of mobile design? Widgets, homescreens, gestures... what lies beyond? Send in your questions...
  18. D

    bought nokia E63 . have few questions .

    just bought nokia e63 ( 12.2 k ) qwerty wala business phone ( red color ) . I have few questions 2 some other experienced users >> 1. how to get the area info on this phone 2. I am trying to setup different ringtones for different incoming numbers . but not succesful .. how to do this...
  19. deathofe

    Bouqet of Linux-based QUESTIONS.

    Hi, I got some questions related to linux :- Q1. Which one is better to begin with linux Ubuntu or Linux Mint? Q2. How to burn the installation CD for Linux Mint which came in Oct 2008 isuue. Its an iso image. Shall I extract all the contents through WinRar and then burn a Bootable CD with Nero...
  20. A

    I need an account............

    Hello All Hope you guys are doing fine I want to say thanks to whoever that made this forum I joined it today and got a lot of questions solved But I want to have a help from you Can anyone please tell me how to get bwtorrents or desitorrents accounts Any help will be appreciated Regards
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