1. justme101

    New motherboard needed!

    My motherboard recently changed it's status to dead when it's cpu power connector stopped working. It already had a dead RAM slot. I posted in the hardware section for suggestions but not getting any responses. So, i have zeroed in on these two motherboards as replacements, because it's month...
  2. theserpent

    Which finance company would be better?

    So,3rd year will start in like 2-3 months,And placements in about 6.I know It's early to ask but which company is better? EY Or nothern trust both in Bangalore. Now,coming to the process it's very hard, and a few questions are based on principles based by ACCA, or journals. How do I go...
  3. H

    Some questions about the Lenovo z50-70

    So I am thinking about buying a laptop in the 40k range and after browsing the forums the Lenovo z50-70 seems to be the best choice. I have decided on getting this laptop but have a few questions before buying it 1. The configuration I was shown was 1 tb HDD , 8gb ram, 4210u processor, 820m GPU...
  4. beingGamer

    For people want to learn jQuery :)

    This is the site you should visit. Watch the videos, explaining the syntax & tips, then try out it in the practice questions. Easy to learn from basics. Code School - Try jQuery
  5. Y

    Intake/Exhaust fans (Cabinet Fans)

    Hi, I want to create negative pressure inside the cabinet, for proper airflow and better cooling. My Questions: 1) How will I know that cabinet fan is working in intake mode or exhaust mode? i.e. it's sucking in cold air or blowing out hot air. 2) If there are three fans in the cabinet, how...
  6. TheHumanBot

    Post Online Money Making, Internet Marketing, Adsense queries here

    recently have noticed many threads on this topics so if you have any questions, queries go ahead and post it here and i will answer them. :-D
  7. S

    Questions regarding Z500 and Samsung S06IN

    Hey, I'm planning to buy a laptop soon, and I've narrowed it down to these two. But I've a few questions regarding either choice: 1. Samsung NP550P5C-S06IN a. Is the throttling issue fixed? b. Is the build quality good? A friend of mine had his screen cracked, so I want to know if this...
  8. R

    New Hardware Set Up

    :-D Hey guys, I will be purchasing a HD 7870 from SP road today, i have a few questions about setting up my new card and bios settings so pls help me. As of now this is what i would do 1.ground the PSU and install the card and the power pins, and connect to my monitor. 2.switch on the...
  9. D

    DSLR or not

    Hi all, I want to buy a new camera, I already have a Canon IXUS 100 IS, but I want a more powerful camera. I have always thought of buying a DSLR, but would always postpone it. Finally I have decided to buy one anyways(was waiting for a good increment in salary but it appears increment is a...
  10. Niilesh

    General(logical/reasoning/IQ based )questions

    Hey guys help me solve these logical/reasoning based questions : Q1 ---------------------------------------------------------- Q2 ---------------------------------------------------------- Q3 & Q4 ---------------------------------------------------------- Q5 PS: These are...
  11. r4gs

    Black Flag and Watch Dogs interview for SKOAR!

    Hi all, We're going to be interviewing a dev from Ubisoft regarding Assassin's Creed: Black Flag and Watch Dogs. Post your questions here and we'll see about getting them answered! Enjoy...
  12. S

    driver for graphics card required

    i have a few questions which are needed to be answered and helped.i have a radeon hd graphics 7670 m which i have got with my laptop but i dont have drivers for it questions are radeon hd 7670 m works with 32 bit windows 7 os?if yes please give me the link to download the drivers...
  13. R

    Need a Cabinet and PSU for the following specs

    Hey guys, I'm new here and this is actually my first thread, so ignore any noobness in my questions. I'm building a new PC. I've decided on most of the specs, but as the title suggests, I'm doubting the cabinet and PSU that I've finalized. My confirmed specs are- AMD FX 8350 Sapphire AMD/ATI...
  14. S

    Best Broadband Provider for downloading torrents?

    Hey guys I am a huge fan of torrents. I cannot live without torrents for even a single day. I have membership in some private trackers too. So I have some questions for you. Answer the questions only if you use torrents. 1)How much do you upload and download using torrent each month...
  15. T

    CSE books for interview in bank

    Anybody having any experience giving interviews to such govt institutions /banks what type of questions are generally asked? Any books related to the same? What topics do they generally touch?
  16. C

    Are the entrance exam books reliable????

    Guys, I just finished my board exams and preparing for bitsat, viteee, aieeee..... I have bought some books for preparation for these exams, which are mostly from arihant publications. But as you know, exams like viteee, bitsat have been conducting exams in online mode only. My question is that...
  17. rakesh_sharma23

    GFX, SSD, SoundCard and Wifi Card.

    SSD and Wifi Card. CORSAIR F80 SSD 80GB Price : SOLD Netgear 108Mbps Wireless PCI Card WG311T Price : SOLD Location : Jodhpur, Rajasthan Pls dont crap thread... any questions just PM. Regards Rakesh Sharma
  18. harshilsharma63

    Help clarify some hardware doubts

    Hi, I've gained much knowledge after visiting this thread however, some doubts still remain in my mind which no Google search could remove. I hope these questions will prove useful to me as well as to anyone who visits this thread. Before I progress, I want to say that the final decision of...
  19. F

    Questions for a Gaming Laptop

    Hey guys this is my first post after many days of searching the forum as a guest :). I have some questions I will be adding to the standard questionaire, which i have'nt found answers to yet. This is my first foray into a laptop, so please be gentle with my noob questions :) 1) What is your...
  20. Piyush

    Torchlight I/ II discussion thread

    I was about to ask some questions regarding this game and couldn't find a thread.So I thought it'd be best if there exists one thread for this marvelous game. I'm playing T2 and I've got some questions: -->Is there a level cap in the game? -->Can I un-socket the gems/shards/etc from...
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