1. S

    Five Questions, plz help.

    i have FIVE Questions to ask : 1) Whenever i try to download files using DAP 7.3 thru FTPs, i get an error saying file not found or some sort of other error. 2) Whenever i use ZONE ALARM PRO 5.5, i m not able to check my GMAIL. after entering username and password, page displays...
  2. D

    Needed Help Guys(all the JAVA programmers)

    Hi guys, as always i need ur help, I m going to face my first interview on JAVA tech, Guys that compony want guys with J2EE level, I Know core JAVA and a littel bit of JSP, tell me hw should i prepare for this(i realy want to get in ) I hv 1 month, and a lot of time as running in free...
  3. NikhilVerma

    Some questions tat are bugging me...

    Hi... I am having some questions I can't find an answer to so please help me... * How do you insert a new line character in a samsung mobile phone (x430) ??? I really need to know!!! * In Photoshop CS while liquifying a picture there is an option for rotate clockwise but where is the...
  4. C

    Questions about Intel P4 - Prescott 2.4 Ghz

    Hey , I am buying a new PC , and a few questions popped in my head after reading replies to my previous post (thx ppl. for the help and comments :) ) 1 . Can someone tell me .... how does it matter if the Prescott 2.4 Ghz gets really hot when compared to a northwood p4 processor...
  5. G

    where r all techi people of this forum ???

    now a days i m feeling that all techi people of this forum all not much taking interest in this forum .... cause i m getting many questions of many users unanswered ??? why dude?? :?: :?: :?: :?:
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