1. justme101

    CS:GO questions

    Well i have only two simple questions to ask: 1. Will all CS:GO discs work on steam?? I am concerned specifically about this becaue i want to pre-order it through Flipkart. 2. How many of you are planning to buy it :P
  2. AVT

    New BSNL questions. Very noobish questions

    Is this even the right section to post or should i post it in the Broadband and DTH section ? Only had a reliance netconnect till now. 1st time on wired connection. Just bought the BSNL connection application. I live in the village, so technical questions to BSNL staff are met with...
  3. S

    Is Innobuzz too Arrogant ?

    Hi Today i gave my CISE ( Certified Information Security ) exams. The rules were like :- Their are x questions. After you solve each question with correct answer, you will get a password. After your examination duration is complete, you need to submit passwords inside Client Area. So, their...
  4. slashragnarok

    Overclocking my new Sapphire HD 7870

    This is just a new thread following discussions in the AMD 7000 series thread. Here I'll be posting my results of OC'ing my card, problems that arise and any questions that I might have. Thanks. Currently I'm using MSI afterburner and I'm more or less stable at 1.243 V at clock speeds of...
  5. ParaXite

    Few questions.

    I am new to laptops so i decided to start a new thread to get some of my questions answered. 1. Can laptop components handle higher temperatures than desktop counterparts? My CPU spikes to 85*C while gaming (coolsense on coolest mode) and 55*C while idle. (Note: My room temperature is 37*C)...
  6. K

    Any iPad-3 Owners in Mumbai !

    Anybody here from Mumbai who has got the iPad-3 can you respond to this, have some questions. :-)
  7. cyber

    placement questions ?

    please post questions asked during campus placements in the field of electronics,questions related to programming languages by core and management companies.
  8. A

    32 bit or 64 bit

    For those saying "Phew! Not another one!", I did search the forums and came across quite a few threads dealing with this topic. But I was not able to find answers to my specific questions. All I could find was people beating around the '32-bit OS can't handle more than 4GB of RAM' bush. My...
  9. pkkumarcool

    Need Last year papers

    Hi friends my exams are coming soon so i just want to prepare the important questions that are most commonly asked in recent years.I need last year papers of class 11 PCM cbse cant find anywhere,if u have link just give it here. Also those who are in 12th can help me out which are the most...
  10. S

    Reliance Freedom 999 plan details.!

    Just had a few questions about this new plan that Reliance offers @ 999 , 12MBPS till 25 GB thereafter 1 MBPS . Can someone who has this plan please shed some light on these queries : 1. Considering the fact that this plan is offered on Metro Ethernet rather than ADSL , does the line directly...
  11. D

    What to choose?

    Ok,i made a thread before in which i got pretty much of a bashing,and to be honest,i an still not able to understand the rules here even after reading them 7 times! Leaving that apart,i have multiple questions: 1.will an amd phenom processor last for five years ? amd having good after...
  12. N

    My 1st Android game :) Plz try and rate

    Hi guys, Me and my friend have developed a KBC game for Android called as "Will you be a Millionaire?" I would like you all to try it once and rate it accordingly. if you need any features do let us know in comments. I am very much excited that it has now crossed 35K+ downloads in 10...
  13. abhijit_reddevil

    Questions about Gigabyte motherboard

    Hello, I have Gigabyte motherboard 890GPA-UD3H. Couple of questions: 1) Which is the USB 3.0 port on the motherboard? 2) How do I use it's On-off charge feature? Thanks.
  14. ico

    You won't believe this...

    Try this out: Akinator, the Web Genius and keep on answering the questions.
  15. quan chi

    GUNDA! movie fan club.

    GUNDA(1998) A masterpiece by kanti shah.Ever since i have watched this movie i cant control myself.The movie is so inspiring and innovative that all other films will fail infront of it. It is a true fact that nobody will understand the movie in one go.(nolans inception is for kids)...
  16. R

    URGENT BUYING by tomorrow 2pm

    need a laptop requirements i am a gamer & want the lappy to atleast run fifa13 when it releases budget 40000-50000 what should i buy sorry for the noob questions but this is my 1st lappy so not much idea abt the rest
  17. ico

    India/China and spammers

    I have no idea why our forum gets targeted by spammers from India and China. I mean, reCAPTCHA was hacked - okay. This led to "flood registrations" of spammers (bots) from Russia. I removed reCAPTCHA from the forum registration process and added questions like "Name of the site is...
  18. xtremevicky

    The Dell Laptop owners thread !!

    Hey Guys , Use this thread for your discussions queries related to the Dell XPS / Inspiron laptops . Enjoy your laptops and ask any questions you have. Do post your pics here ;) .
  19. anikahead2010

    Please help with rig....

    Ok so last time i was here you people helped me a lot and i want to give you all my sincere thanks. Well now since BD are delayed and my summer holidays are starting i was thinking of getting my new rig now.I have been saving for past 4 months and would love a system that would hold good...
  20. TheMost

    Need Security Advice !

    Need a powerful (Go easy) Firewall Hi, Been currently using Avira free + comodo Firewall with Defense+ disabled and Spybot S&D beta !! Now i am worried whether i am enough with my firewall cause i have turned Defense+ -> DISABLED The reason i have done so is that my Dad is an average...
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