1. avinandan012

    shocking !! side effect of globalization : Fake medicine - food !!

    Counterfeiting business pioneered by China. Now spreading to other nations as well. Fake products we all have experience with, are now coming with industrial scale. Now they are producing such a fakes which are 95% or more identical from the outside look, but fake inside. Street gangs/drug...
  2. anmolksharma

    Review : Samsung Galaxy S6 - The Best Samsung That Money Can Buy!

    Pros: Looks, Build Quality, Power & Performance, Camera, Screen Cons: No SD Card support, Battery life, Initially launched at exorbitant pricing - now rectified. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been launched in India in April 2015 and now...
  3. A

    which broadband is best in chandigarh to play bf4 and bfhardline on pc as well as ps4?

    i live in chandigarh and i want a new connection with great pings any suggestions. and also tell me the quality of networks here in chandigarh some guys say airtel some says reliance is best for ping . you guys tell me whats truth.
  4. T

    Which portable Bluetooth speaker to buy

    Dear all, please help me in deciding which budget portable Bluetooth to buy; I've shortlisted 3 options whisoeaker ch are of the same price range, they are Logitech X 100, JBL Go and Zoook ZB-BS100; my query is mainly which speaker performs best in term of sound quality, every other attributes...
  5. Cyberghost

    International Products Quality In India?

    Does International products have the same quality in India compared to other countries. I have started this doubt after I used a foreign Vicks Vaporub compared to Indian one its quality is astonishing and highly effective. Does other companies also cripple the quality of their products to sell...
  6. Moy

    2 Amp USB Charger under Rs. 750/-

    Hi there, I want to buy a good quality branded USB Charger under Rs. 750/- I expect following things: 1. Good Quality and Branded 2. At least 2 Amp output Budget is flexible up to Rs. 1000/-
  7. B

    UPS And PSU with APFC

    only just discovered the reason for my new apc BU800va not working, (with corsair vs550 psu) not supplying power when switching over to inverter is this simulated sine wave/active PFC in psu mess. i had the similar problem with old iball ups first it was fine but overtime it wasn't. the more i...
  8. crownabhisek

    Good Quality Headset Microphone under Rs 1500 (max. limit)

    Please suggest me a headset with microphone which has good quality headphone for music and gaming and good quality microphone for podcast or voice recording around Rs 1000 /-
  9. H2O

    IEMs Under 1K

    Hello Everyone. I had Sound Magic ES18 earlier and used it for a couple of years. Then I got Mi Piston from Flipkart. Unfortunately, I lost it a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to get Mi Piston again but it has been out of stock in Flipkart for the past few weeks and I don't know if any other...
  10. P

    Budget Phone @ 3K - Requirements included :D

    Hey, I want to buy a cell-phone since my current phone got bricked. Requirements are : Budget : 3K since i'll be buying a new phone later. a)Good call quality (personal experiences would be good to know) b)Dual-SIM c)Good Battery Life (at least 1.5 days - 4hrs of calling+3hrs of...
  11. akii17kr

    Suggest an smartphone with Good Camera , Battery and Overall Performance b/w 5 Phones

    I have shortlisted 5 phones(Need SD CARD) out of which i want the smartphone with best camera/video quality , Battery backup , Overall Performance including Gaming. Budget is 13K max Please Suggest on the basis of your real usage not based on Tech Specs. Shortlisted Phones: 1)...
  12. R

    Android Smart Phone @ 20k

    1. Budget? 20k 2. Display type and size? IDK about type but should be full HD and good quality. 3. Dual sim? not needed. 4. Preferred choice of brand? none. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? flash, don't care about front. 6. Preferred operating...
  13. B

    What to buy? Zenfone 2 (14,999) or Mi4i

    My priorities are good camera quality, good display and most importantly reliability and ASS Plus I feel external memory is a plus on the ZF2
  14. T

    The Best Gaming Headphone around

    Gaming might be all about competition, or having a gala time and owning the best gadgets, but with a market as big as gaming, you are in the ocean of options. If one longs for a Gaming Headset, with the number of headsets in the marker, that person might as well get lost in which one to actually...
  15. T

    Need to buy a good quality Wall USB adapter

    My included phone charger supports only 550mA. Would like a high current charger 1.5A or 2.1A. Good quality and reliable, not some cheap Chinese import. Shouldn't blow up the phone :lol:
  16. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on DVD Customisation

    Hi Guys, I intend to gift my friend a DVD Compilation. I'm ready with the video content. But I need help with regarding to the DVD Custom Covers and the DVD Case. Can someone suggest me where can I get Empty good DVD Cases. I saw one online but that was pack of 10 for Rs 150 I would just...
  17. M

    Need a smartphone under 15,000 Rs/-

    1. Budget? Under 15,000 Rs/- 2. Display type and size? Less than 5" if possible, else up to 5" 3. Dual sim? Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? Any good brand 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Camera is not that much of a priority 6. Preferred...
  18. $hadow

    Audio Technica M30X Review

    WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones 2. Carrying bag (leather bag) Build Quality The build quality is great, considering that it is made of hard plastic throughout. It does not seem as sturdy or durable as its bigger cousin, the M50x, but it should get the job done. The...
  19. vedula.k95

    Printing Good Quality T-Shirts

    Hello forum,this is my first post in lifestyle section. My question is quite simple,I want to print a good quality T-Shirt of XXL My Budget is around Rs-500/+-(Rs.100). I have checked out printvenue but one of my friend suggested that the Color quality and the material quality isn't...
  20. S

    Whats your favorite humor/tp site?

    Was just searching on net for some good rare humor.Most of the sites had the old ghisepite jokes. I somewhat liked LiQUiD CheeZ - Fun just got yummier, though it had quality content but still the quantity needs to be much more. What’s your fav tp site?
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