1. Flash

    Google Chrome - Image quality - Extension?

    In Opera, we have "Turbo Mode" that speeds up browsing on slow connections by reducing the quality of images. Is there any extension available for Google Chrome, to set the image quality?
  2. Desmond

    Rate your ISP

    Hi, I am creating this thread so that people can rate their experiences with their ISPs. I encouraged posters to be as verbose as possible when writing a summary of their experiences. Also, I recommend that posters post their own experiences with the ISP they are *currently* using and not for...
  3. ShankJ

    Need LeEco Le1s feedback

    I shortlisted Le1s for my dad but i haven't been able to read any hands-on review but just those Expert Reviews.. So it would be great if anyone who gets to use it can enlighten me regarding- 1. The processing (heating or lagging while heavy processing or multiple tabs) 2. The picture quality...
  4. WolVish

    Everyday laptop with good display and keyboard

    Hi Guys, I am in need of a desktop replacement Laptop. I have been reading reviews/forums, but I couldn't find a laptop within my requirements. Kindly help me out. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 40K to 50K, can stretch a bit 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would...
  5. A

    Buying a Wi-fi router (with modem) for Home use

    Hi Guys, I am using Airtel broadband and using the same Wifi router that comes when we buy the connection. It seems to give problems these days. So thinking of buying a new one (with modem). Did some R&D by reading reviews on flipkart and amazon but i am bit confused. Been some time since i...
  6. N

    Suggestions on LG 49UF850T (4k+3D) ?

    I have been hunting for a 4k+3D tv with size less than 50". It seems this is the only model which has both 3d+4k at 49". This TV look very good in terms of the features and picture quality.. any owners here who can provide me an review abt this TV.....Suggestions/feedback from anyone on this TV...
  7. A

    IEMs/Headphones under 2500?

    My trusty ES18 gave away after 1.5 years of abuse. I need to find a successor to it. I've zeroed down on SoundMagic E10/P30 but am wary of them due to their build quality, Cowon EM1, Sennheiser HD 202 II. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  8. chimera201

    Need a TV

    Need a TV so that my mother can watch saas-bahu serials in high definition with all the extra makeup. I don't watch TV that much but there is a slight chance that I might get a PS4 so the TV should go well with a PS4. Don't have any specific feature requirements other than being VFM. Should have...
  9. A

    Suggest a new phone for budget 7k

    1. Budget? 7K 2. Display type and size? A good quality display with IPS panel with good viewing angles and with Gorilla Protection below 5". 3. Dual sim? not necessary 4. Preferred choice of brand? Sony,Microsoft,Nokia,Samsung,Moto 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing...
  10. izzikio_rage

    Headphones for Galaxy S3: Mic + control: great sound

    Hey everyone I went through the tons of threads under this one for good headphones for an Android phone. Looking for a good set for my galaxy S3. here are the main considerations, i've been using the samsung HS130 till now 1. Need the volume and call answer switch on the headphone plus mic...
  11. Sam22

    Positive Experience Homesake.in - Best website for purchasing Home Decor Products in the best pricing.

    I was kind of renovating my home and wanted to get some home decor items for the same. Ordered few items from flipkart but since they were kind of pricey so I couldn't order all the items in my wishlisht. The other day I was browsing my facebook and came across this brand Homesake which dealt in...
  12. J

    Need to buy Mono Laser printer for small office

    Hi friends, I was using a xerox 3117 model which has conked. My needs are :- 1. Mono Laser printer , hardy. Don't need high print quality, average quality will be acceptable 2. Should be compatible with windows XP and Windows 8 3. Budget stretchable upto 8K 4. Tonar refilling cost...
  13. abhishek00990

    laptop upto 55k for a cse student

    Hello all. I recently took admission in a half decent nit in computer science. Almost everyone here has a laptop, and I think I should buy one soon too. I have my eyes on the hp ab032tx. It's selling at about 53k and is, imo a decent deal since I'll be doing a fair bit of gaming on the side...
  14. khmadhu

    3.5" HDD Casing suggestion within 1k budget

    Hi, Please anyone suggest a good brand HDD 3.5" Casing USB 2.0 with adapter, I searched in net but couldn't find a good one, I found one in amazon Technxt New 3.5 External HDD Hard Disk Aluminum Enclosure USB 2.0 SATA Drive: Amazon.in: Computers & Accessories but the seeing the...
  15. chandan3

    Kz ed9 v/s hom smile jamaica

    hello guys i m looking to buy earphone(with mic) for my moto g3 Confused between these 2 IEM's. 1) Very good sound quality , crisp crystal clear . 2) Good amount of bass.heavy bass like boom boom 3) Good Build quality .(reliable , not cheap) 4) Type of music - Bollywood,electronic, pop which one...
  16. akii17kr

    Cowon em1 VS knowledge zenith edse ?

    Hello, My I'm looking to buy earphones for my friend Confused between these 2 IEM's. Things he need:- 1) Very good sound quality , crisp crystal clear . 2) Good amount of bass. Not too heavy not too light. 3) Good Build quality .(reliable , not cheap one as my friend is kind of rough user.) 4)...
  17. Nerevarine

    Looking for a good quality powerstrip

    Im looking for a powerstrip that has -atleast 4 ports -good quality -under Rs 1000 -optional - would be nice to have usb ports :D any advice on what I should buy, thanks in advance
  18. M

    Any suggestions for a QMS solution?

    Is there any freeware tools available for internal quality management? I am looking for a QMS solution for our business. I prefer cloud based applications rather than standalone applications. One of my friend suggested a standalone software called Unipoint. It has powerful features but there is...
  19. I

    Asus M3N78-EM vs Asus xonar DX

    Hi all I've Asus m3n78-em mother board, can I add Asus xonar DX sound card to it? Will there be any difference in the audio or sound quality, I am using Edifier DA5000 pro 5.1 speakers pls help..
  20. adikumar2010

    Largest/Best Quality Monitor for 20k

    1. Budget - Around 20k 2. Display type and size - want as big as I can get, I did some research found out that 27" monitor starts from 15k and 29" starts from 29k, sick difference. Maybe there is some monitor I don't know about which is more then 27" and under 25k. 3. Primary use of...
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