Need LeEco Le1s feedback


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I shortlisted Le1s for my dad but i haven't been able to read any hands-on review but just those Expert Reviews.. So it would be great if anyone who gets to use it can enlighten me regarding-
1. The processing (heating or lagging while heavy processing or multiple tabs)
2. The picture quality
3. The feel/build
4. Battery backup
5. User Interface
6. Internal usable memory
7. OTG compatibility


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I will be getting this today in a few hours. Will post a quick review.


I received the phone just 2 hours before.

The goods...

Build quality is excellent.

Performance is pretty good. I have installed some heavy games and all of them work without any lags. I was running these games while downloading apps from the play store.

Display is bright.

Fignerprint sensor works like a magic. I have used the fingerprint sensor in iPhone 6 Plus, but the one in Le 1s feels better.

The usual...

Phone does heats up on the back side. However, it is not unbearable, and I was gaming and downloading apps simultaneously.

Battery backup is average. Nothing great. But the fast charging comes in pretty handy.

Screen attracts a lot of fingerprints.

The bads...

Camera. I am no camera expert, but Le 1s is leagues behind the iPhone 6 Plus in the camera department.

I will update more later.
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Been There, Done That!!
Well Iphone 6 Plus gives a good camera for the extra Rs. 50K, I can manage without that for sure..:wink:
What about the heating of the top left screen while heavy gaming?? Heard that the screen heats up more than the back!!
The battery backup and the C-Type port??


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Battery backup is decent. Nothing extraordinary. I started a game at 100% and after 40 minutes, the battery was down to 83%. This was at half brightness and with wifi on. The game was a heavy game (MOBA) though.

Then I plugged in the charger at 83%. The battery was at 100% when I checked again in 15 minutes. C-type port is a blessing.

I didn't experience any abnormal heating in that 40 minutes of gaming. Nothing more than the iPhone 6 Plus or the Moto G. But it does heat up noticeably while quick charging. I haven't played any games or browsed the web while charging. But I guess, it will heat up quite a lot.

The heating is mostly in the back side and not on the screen. And, yes, the top left portion is where the heating is high compared to other portions of the phone.


Another thing I like is the IR blaster.

Works like a charm with my LG TV and DishTV set top box. Took around 8 minutes to configure both.
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