1. Vyom

    Using python's difflib to find text file difference and capturing output in excel

    Attached with this post are three files: 1. Python file, which uses difflib to find difference between two text files. 2. my_shopping_list.txt: Text file 1 3. friends_shopping_list.txt: Text file 2 4. diff.html: HTML file, which is the output that lists the differences. If all...
  2. bkpeerless

    Need resources where i can learn python

    Hi, Can u suggest me places where there is step by step instruction to lean python or videos. I am looking for intermediate and advanced learning. Basic is there in youtube.
  3. S

    From where should I start learning python ?

    Hi , please help me . Where do you suggest me to start learning python ? Please recommend some sites , links , books , software's , etc. Please also recommend that which IDE I have to use for python ?
  4. Harshverma

    Which language to learn ?

    Hello , I am a student of Computer Science Engineering , 1st Year I have a prior knowledge of C , C++ , HTML and CSS. Which language should i prefer first to get better Placement after 4 Years. Java or Python or C# or what.
  5. H

    Python 2 vs 3 - which one to learn?

    Django has still not been ported to Python 3. My objective is creating general applications using Python. Even though I talked about Django, I was just using it as an example. I am not focused solely on Web Development. I was looking at starting out through Byte of Python by Swaroop...
  6. H

    Enum type added to the standard python library.

    PEP 435 -- Adding an Enum type to the Python standard library The resolution: The Python team really seems intent on making their language as good as possible. Props to them. Now only if they would make PyPy standard (and the Django team would try and keep up with Rails).
  7. P

    I want to start my programming journey with Python .

    Comments :|
  8. X

    Request for embedding python in C/C++ tutorial!!!

    Hey guys i'm an intermediate C/C++ & python programmer.I want to take my skills to the next level i've looking all over the web for good python embedding tutorial but had no luck with it. Can someone please share an embedding tutorial using something like swig. I really want to use the power of...
  9. Monk

    Where to start programming from?

    Hello TDF Members, I'm planning to get down and dirty with coding now. My ultimate goal is to learn OOP languages like Java, C++, and Objective-C. As i want to go into mobile development. Where do you think i shall start? I've read few place and also my friends are suggesting me to start from...
  10. S

    Need a free python hosting

    My Udacity classes are about to start on 16th April which will cover how to make a (basic)search engine and the primarily used language will be Python. I am warming up for that course from now. Today it came in my mind that I have no Python in my hosting plan (I am currently using x10hosting...
  11. Niilesh

    Some beginner's questions about python

    I have started leaning python(3.2) recently. I am using 'A Byte of python'(ver. 1.92) to learn.I selected this book because i have no programming experience(but i have seen about 15 video tutorials of C++ so i know about variables and if statement). It's a good book but i feel is less...
  12. A

    sequence unpacking in python

    What is meant by sequence unpacking in python??
  13. H

    regarding python

    i am learning python and just learnt few i need to save a file and run do i do it?
  14. T

    Python help needed

    I'm a student of computer engineering, and during the summer holidays I'm thinking of learning Python. I already know C and C++, and Python just seems nice and refreshing. I already have Java next year, so not doing that now. So my query is what would be the best book to get for Python? I...
  15. A

    Problem with Python Shell

    Whenever i use the print statement it returns a syntax error.What should I do? Python 3.2 (r32:88445, Feb 20 2011, 21:30:00) [MSC v.1500 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32 Type "copyright", "credits" or "license()" for more information. >>> print 52*4 SyntaxError: invalid syntax >>> print 52...
  16. A

    C Exercises

    Hello, friends. 2 days ago my friend asks me to create some programs in C which include some algorithms, merge sort, quick sort, binary search tables, double ended queues etc. Since, I mainly use Python for programming and have some knowledge of C, I struggled to create those programs, although...
  17. A

    Discussions Related to Python Here

    There are threads Java Queries Here.. Post ur C/C++ Programs Here C/C++ Beginner's Guide and Post Basic Questions Here But no one like these related to Python, so I thought of creating a similar thread like those above. So post your Python related queries, your Python Programs and here you...
  18. A

    Regular expressions in python

    hello everybody, I want to create a regular expression (in Python) for which I select all the string in between /* and */ including all spaces, tabs, newline etc. for example, /* HELLO */ /* HELLO EVERYONE */ these should be selected with and without \n. I have trying for 2 hrs and still...
  19. A

    C/C++ IDE in Python

    Hello friends, for some time I have been working on an IDE for C/C++ written in Python. Finally, I was able to develop it with help of PyQt4, but still one thing is remaining. Can anyone of you please tell me, how can I integrate GCC or G++ compiler in my program. By integration I mean, how can...
  20. V

    Language confusion ...

    Hi guys !!! I want to immerse myself into coding and all related stuff ... The problem is I can`t decide where to start from and which language to choose ??? I had learnt Java in 10th(ICSE) .. I had done a project on railways .. I am pretty good at OOPS concepts (AFAIK) ... But...
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