Which language to learn ?


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Hello , I am a student of Computer Science Engineering , 1st Year
I have a prior knowledge of C , C++ , HTML and CSS.
Which language should i prefer first to get better Placement after 4 Years.
Java or Python or C# or what.


and then Spanish

J/k.. Try to become a pro in C/C++ first. Participate in online coding competitions!

Interview-wise Java will be asked more than Python/C#


Python . Don't go for proprietary languages at first. They'll ruin life. Learn some language that explains the concept well , like C++ , Java , Python. Don't jump into C# , etc. You can learn th'm easily once you have grasp of any of the OOP concept well.

PS , learn mandarin or Japanese alongside. Lot's of scope in that.


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Hey , Guys , I am Student of B.SC ( IT) , 3 Semester , I Learn C and C++ language , I am Very Confuse Because Codes is very Difficult to Store the Memory .................Pls Suggestion...........


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I am compiling a list here for interactive tutorials online. You can find some here :


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I would retract what I said in another thread earlier and suggest that you learn Python. I tried it myself for a couple of weeks and my only regret is that I hadn't learned it earlier.


All I would say is learn the most basic one first! When I started to learn programming "SCRATCH" was the first language(Okay it isn't language, actually its graphical programming suite). This helps to understand all basic principles of programming.
Recommended OCW - EdX CS50x
Then go for JAVA or C++.
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