Need a free python hosting


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My Udacity classes are about to start on 16th April which will cover how to make a (basic)search engine and the primarily used language will be Python. I am warming up for that course from now.

Today it came in my mind that I have no Python in my hosting plan (I am currently using x10hosting shared/free hosting which is a Linux hosting (cPanel) and supports PHP and MySQL).

1. Is it possible to install python in shared hosting?
2. Where is a hosting plan which supports python as well as above features?
3. Is it true that Python does not work outside cgi-bin directory? What's the story behind it?
4. Any other ideas?


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This might help - *

There are many listed there :wink:

Isn't that question totally focused on django framework? Should I go for it as in my case? :)
I want simple hosting for my purpose.
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