1. Psychosocial

    Completely noob Python query.

    So I thought of learning programming and thought that Python is the easiest and the simplest to begin with. I got around writing the Hello World script but the problem is when I save and run the file, nothing happens. The Python command shell should open showing 'Hello World' but nothing...
  2. nileshgr

    What should I do with my website ?

    I have a website about technology which is not receiving many hits. I have lots of articles in it contributed by me, and many friends. Can somebody what should I do with it ? I was thinking of starting a forum, but it will take sometime, because I don't want to use a ready made forum...
  3. A

    big problem in python

    hello frnds, for past few days i m trying to make a simple musicplayer in python with the help of mp3play module. I successfully created it. It runs smoothly in python with out any error. :razz:but problem occurs when i try to convert that .py file to excutable using py2exe. While converting an...
  4. R

    Python Basics #1 [ n00b Friendly]

    Beginner's Python -Rox If you dont know programming, It is the way in which we tell computer to do something, step by step. Each step is called a command. For example, If we are to make computer drink a tea, the steps are getup from table, go to table and take tea. We should not...
  5. A

    eBook for Python

    Hey frnds, i have started learning PYTHON, can u pls tell me a good ebook from Python. I have already googled but didn't find a good ebook:-(. So pls tell me a good ebook. Thx in advance.
  6. A

    Help in python

    hello frnds, i am facing a small problem in PYTHON. I wrote the following code in Python GUI. def op(path): with open(path,'r') as f: and if ran successfully without any error. I wrote the same code in notepad and then saved as file in Python folder. Then i wrote following...
  7. bharat_r

    Sorting a multidimensional list in python

    Hello I have created a multidimensional list in python I used the following code: r =[(300, 4), (5, 6), (100, 2)] I tried sorting it in ascending order using r.sort() and I get [(5, 6), (100, 2), (300, 4)] I want it to get sorted based on each on the 2nd element instead of the...
  8. NucleusKore

    Pet python strangles US toddler

    Source: * A pet python broke out of its holding tank and strangled a two-year-old girl in the bedroom of her home in Florida, local authorities said. The 8ft (2.5m) albino Burmese python had also bitten Shaiunna Hare on her forehead several...
  9. harshitjain

    Python cgi: Blank Screeen

    I'm a newbie to python and was trying to create a cgi script, however when I try to run it from my college's only shows me a blank screen.....I've also done "import cgitb; cgitb.enable()" but it doesn't show any errors.......I've searched many forums on web but couldn't find the...
  10. V

    Python to sis/sisx

    I have made many apps using python for symbian mobiles but dont know how to distribute them. Can I make a sis or sisx file out of the .py file? If I wish to make an executable out of the .py file, how should I go about?
  11. K

    Trouble starting motion based python applications

    I am having trouble using many python apps on my Nokia N79. When i try to run them, rotating circle appears on the app icon but they never show up anything and that circle disappears. Python is currently installed in phone memory and so the apps that require it. I tried both stable ver i.e...
  12. amitash

    book on python

    Please suggest a good book for learning python..I am a beginner and I want to learn it from scratch...Also I want to start with gui's after Im done with learning the other parts and I want to know which kit to use with it like QT or Tkinter...Please suggest books for these too.
  13. MetalheadGautham

    Creating Binary Python Executables

    There are a handful of python programs I find really useful but they are all in *.py format. Often I need to use them in a distro which has no package for python installed or is barebones. In such cases, is there a way to make binary python executables ? How ?
  14. I

    FoxPro and Python Books

    What are the best books to start learning FoxPro and Python?
  15. johny rico

    can a OSS be put under GNU GPL3 if written in python

    I created a RSS reader/parser using python which can be found here * i heard from a group that only C/C++ programs come under GPL:confused: i also want to contribute to open source community but i don't know how to start/how to join an existing group?. HELP!!!:)
  16. MetalheadGautham

    Wannabe Python Programmer - Please Help !

    Hello Everybody. After studying C when I was 12 in a crash course, learning Visual Basic 6.0 for a tiny period at school(and hating it), studying C++ at school (Turbo C++), experimenting a lot with Glade interface designer by making simple GUIs, and finally trying QT4 for a very short time, I...
  17. sourav123

    Free Resources for Learning Programming

    Hi, I have seen many people here posting about tutorials on programming languages. So, I have decided to put together a list of pointers to online resources for programming purposes. All the resources listed below are free to anyone interested. I will be adding to the list as and when I come...
  18. MetalheadGautham

    Help needed with Personal Website and Blog Designing

    I have decided to build my website in the following 10 days in which I am free, as I have nothing else to do. The problem is that I am a HTML and CSS n00b and I still haven't learnt Python. Please solve the following problems of mine : Website Building Software 1. I need a software to build it...
  19. C

    C, C++, Python training institutes in mumbai

    Hi I wanted to know if there are any good C, C++, Python training institutes in mumbai which can teach these specific languages right from the basics to the advance levels ? Waiting for ur replies caveman :smile:
  20. nileshgr

    Python Query Thread

    This is the thread in which I will post all my queries about Python here. Mods please don't lock this thread. I will create no more threads on Python if you don't lock this. :) TEMPLATING ENGINE: Which is the best Python templating engine ? I know three Cheetah, Kid, PSP. Any others to...
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