1. R

    Good enough headphones ~1.5k

    Need something to use with my pc. Don't use mic right now so not sure if I should settle for a poorer headset for that. Not really experienced about sound quality or a music buff but it should be 'good enough' for a normal person and have dimnishing returns. Nowadays mostly listen to some game...
  2. GhorMaanas

    a free, cross-platform app more suited for group-chat, and allowing PC sync & use

    [Solved!] x-pfm (incldng Win PC) apps for grp-chat, or/and using whatsapp on ph. & pc simultaneously Hello! am in need of an app for android, that: - lets me create a particular group, name the group and/or tweak settings for the group - can be accessed from PC too (Win 8.1), so that if am...
  3. F

    [Somewhat urgent] Powerful laptop required for Game Design. Related advice appreciated

    Hey everyone. The topic says it all. I feel stupid I waited so long now, but I need to buy a laptop by the end of the month. My game design college course starts from the 1st of July. I researched a bit about this already, and I've found that people have found the heavier, bulkier laptops...
  4. D

    advice for a new CPU

    Hi! I need advice for buying a new CPU. It should contain at least a 2gb ram, quad core processor. I am buying it for playing purposes mainly. I am buying this for new games such as assassin's creed 4, watchdogs, etc.
  5. H

    How is AHP-1200 ahuja headphone for Monitoring ?

    Have anyone tried Ahuja headphones for Monitoring ? I have been told they are widely used in India for studio purposes ? Let me know your experience about it. I am looking for Monitoring Headphone for Voice over purposes. For now I have HD 202 Headphones which obviously are not for monitoring...
  6. webgenius

    Car mobile mount/holder

    Hi, I need a car mobile mount/holder for my Nexus 4. I'll be using this for mounting on to the windshield, so that I can use Google maps or Sygic Navigator for navigation purposes while driving. Previously I used a mount from Fly, and the quality was terrible. Can you guys please...
  7. Mainak23

    GPU around 1.5k to 2k

    Hi friends..as the title suggest i want to buy a GPU for 1.5k to 2k [Temporary purpose]..Today i Bought a new phone so currently out of money.. so i just need a GPU to just Run the system since my motherboard dont have onboard graphics Specs:- CPU- AMD FX 8350 MOTHERBOARD- ASUS...
  8. H

    [For Sale] Seagagte 500gb 7200.12

    seagate 7200.12 500gbExpected Price:2900Time of Purchase: 2010 octoberCompany official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period:yes till jun/ october if i can find the invoice .Reason for Sale: used for backup purposes data grew in size so bought new harddisk , check hdtunePurchase...
  9. techking_dinesh

    Tablet Under 10K

    Hello, I Need a Tablet under 10K Must have Android ICS Good Battery and Great Touch is must Minimum Ram 512MB.. Would be great if i get 1 GB USB Support Must Already own Samsung Galaxy S2 as phone. Wont be using the tab as Camera or calling purposes. I am very confused reading the reviews at...
  10. H

    Need suggestions for the following purposes.

    Hello folks. This is my first post here.. I expect a lot of help from you guys. :) . Here are my requirements: 1. Casual Gaming. Will be stressing on the Legendary CS 1.6, and CS GO, and Diablo 3 and Most wanted 2012... 2. Good battery life with dongle as well as wifi. 3. Good keyboard for...
  11. Tribalgeek

    2.1 Speaker in 2k

    Hi guys, I am looking for speakers with subs in 2k range I wish to buy it for Gaming in Movie Purposes. What about Creative A335? Please suggest.
  12. K

    Disabling how?

    Hi Guys, I have got Avast Free Antivirus(6.0.1203). I want to prevent some of the applications on my computer from using my internet connection for their updates and for all other purposes. How to disable them from doing so in Avast Free Antivirus(6.0.1203) as per Application’s Names? May I...
  13. bajaj151

    Net Banking ??

    I want to open a new savings account only for net banking purposes. Which bank has the best net banking services ?
  14. R

    Led monitor for 15k to 17k

    Going to buy a new led monitor next month in between 15k to 17k, will be used for watching movies and gaming purposes. So plz suggest something as soon as possible
  15. S

    Going To Buy a new All in one pc need suggestions

    im going to buy a new aio pc which will be better i will be using it for home purposes gaming on medium settings THNX!!!!!!!!
  16. saswat23

    Complete desktop at Rs.10000.

    One of my friends wants a new desktop around Rs.10000 for just small game like CS condition zero and mainly he would be using it for INTERNET purposes, ms office, etc. So, plz suggest a descent config but not more than Rs.10000.
  17. M

    Using DigiCam as WebCam?

    Can I use my Sony DSC W50 DigiCam as WebCam for chatting purposes? If so, how? Please help....
  18. D

    suggest a netbook within rs15000/-

    please suggest the best possible netbook within 15k....it will only be used for the most basic purposes but should have a decent current-gen config.what are my options?
  19. a_to_z123

    Bulk SMS Provider in India

    Friends, My uncle has a coaching centre and he wants to send updates through SMS to all the students about the schedule of the classes and other promotional purposes. I would like to know about some trusted, good and cheap Bulk SMS service providers in India. It is urgent please help!
  20. I

    Need suggestions buying a MFD

    I need a MFD for two major purposes.. 1) Some decent quality budget printing. Black and white will also do but it needs to be cost efficient as i need to print a lot. 2) A quality scanner, i dont want to take high resolution scans with tiny details, but i have some old papers and i need them...
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