1. M

    game development languages during b.tech

    i am studying B.Tech. in IT in punjab. i want to be a game developer and develop huge console or windows games like battlefiels, assassin creed etc. but before that i am doing b.tech. for securing my future. i have a good c++ skills and in coming month i will be doing core java. so i want to...
  2. donnawhite

    National Conference RTNA 2013 Event at GGI Khanna (Punjab)

    A good news for Nanotechnology lovers. Know more about Nanotechnology at RTNA-2013, a hi-tech Academic Congregation going to held on 23 March,2013 at Gulzar Institute of Engineering and Technology (GGI), Khanna (Punjab). Register yourself for RTNA 2013 - ggi.ac.in/rtna2013-registration.php...
  3. A

    From Where i Buy AMD Trinity processor A10 5800 ??

  4. donnawhite

    Institutes for Java and C#.Net in Punjab?

    I am looking for some good institutes in Punjab which are providing training for Java and C#.net languages. Please share if you know about some good recommendations.
  5. anikahead2010

    Help a Noob...

    I am planning on getting MTNL 3g Data card(usb dongle) for my laptop. I will be getting one from Delhi.Will the roaming charges on data apply if i use it out of Delhi(say Punjab) considering i have sufficient data say 5 gb left? Plz help.Thx in advance. Any other network to prefer?
  6. G

    Need Help Want To Assemble A Gaming Computer

    This is my 1st post and this form is very cool and impressive Core i7 2600k GTX 560 Ti (ASUS) Now plzz refer me other components and whats there price I m from Punjab.
  7. socrates

    Airtel and Vodafone users in Punjab face network outage

    Even in this they are together??? Airtel and Vodafone users in Punjab face network outage
  8. J

    Help Please

    I have got 68% in 12th boards. and got 71385 AIR in AIEEE and 1896 State rank. What are the available choices for me? I am so confused right and unable to figure out options available. Please help me. P.S I am from Punjab
  9. G

    Tata docomo[3g e stick]

    hello friends...If any one using tata docomo 3g estick..plz share their experiences regarding speed and connectivity..im from punjab.. regards
  10. A

    Apna punjab

    any one from punjab who is in digit forum plz reply here. Coz lot of products r not available in punjab & if available dnt cme to know. This thread is to discuss d same.
  11. trublu

    Folk Songs

    Can someone suggest names of some gud Indian folk songs which have been remixed(like Punjab by Karunesh and Chants of Rajasthan-Bombay Lounge)?
  12. S

    Need suggestion regarding PGDCA course

    I have completed my B.com this year..Now i want to do Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application from Punjab university..I want to know whether this course has a scope in the future & i will be able to get job?
  13. Faun

    Punjab riots after Vienna killing

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8066783.stm Bunch of idiots !
  14. din

    A 'touching' moment in Punjab Police... Really touching

    Those who seen this before - please ignore A 'touching' moment in Punjab Police... Really touching If you can't see the above photo, please click here Source : Forwarded email
  15. rohitshubham

    GTA punjab!!!!!!!!

    hey i have heard that new gta punjab out there. is that for true ? if yes then plz can someone upload it's images thanx
  16. aminsagar123

    BSNL Blunder

    Today i opened bbservice.bsnl.in to check my dataone usage. See what opened. Second try I am a dataone customer from jalandhar, punjab. :mad:
  17. BBThumbHealer

    Admission In Colleges On Basis Of AIEEE

    Hello Guys , I appeared for AIEEE 2008 this year and expecting a good rank in the examination ...I want to know how much rank is required to be eligible for admission in Pujab University , Chandigarh :: NIT , Jalandhar :: Thapar , Patiala :: NIT , Kurukshetra :: All of these colleges fall under...
  18. H

    Nokia N73-ME for sale only 4 months old (with bill n all)

    i m selling my Nokia N73 music edition with all accessories (Headsets, charger, pc suits etc....) with box and Bill dated on "jan-2008" for only Rs 11000/- Place: Ludhiana (Punjab)
  19. aj27july

    how to dispose cds??

    how to dispose cds??? i want to dispose my old useless cds. how should i dispose them?? i m thinking of packing them in my dvd write carton and then throwing the carton away in a dust bin away from my home!!! :D:D:D and i will also erase my name from those cds by the help of a blue/black...
  20. N

    should i go for assembled laptop???

    Hi , I just want to buy a laptop , i just don't want to go for a branded one , Is there any possibility that i can get a assembled laptop with my own configuration? And where i can find all Laptop Accessories in punjab .
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