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Hello Guys ,

I appeared for AIEEE 2008 this year and expecting a good rank in the examination ...I want to know how much rank is required to be eligible for admission in Pujab University , Chandigarh :: NIT , Jalandhar :: Thapar , Patiala :: NIT , Kurukshetra :: All of these colleges fall under AIEEE ! Plz mention the ranks needed for both outside Punjab and Punjab quota !

Also , what is the admission procedure for Punjab Engineering College , Chandigarh ?
I Belong to the genral category ..

Any help would be appreciated !

Thnx in anticipation ,

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For u to be eligible in 85% punjab quota , u shud be a resident of punjab or either u shud have passed ur XIth and XIIth from Punjab ! I fulfill the former condition and not the latter !


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MY dear friends, for all ur queries on rank cut-off's and etc. Go to the following link...


that lists the ranks for 2007 AIEEE cut-offs....

Hey BBThumbHealer, wats ur AIR???
In most of the cometitive exams(olympiads) I wrote, I managed a rank of within 1000 all India.
then my form detoriated...
In NTSE and other hyper competitive exams, I get a state rank of ~500-1000.

do you think it, along with ~85% in CBSE Class X!! Boards can be enough of an assurance to get me into ANY NIT ? Either Computer Science engineering or Electronics and Telecommunications.

Please give me a good esimate, as I am currently in the process of starting the enitre syllabus for AIEEE preparation.


Get above 250 In Karnataka State Rank. You will get IT for sure.
Something around 150 Mostly CS then.

I got 400 in AIEEE, Got Mech in the 2nd rounds. Who wants mech.
I settled for IT in RVCE and then changed to IT in PESIT.


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dude, boards marks are a non-requisite for AIEEE / IIT examinations....
only a paltry 60% is enuff for them....
N moreover, boards doesnt gauge ur engineering capabilities, rather it estimates how much mugging u can do....

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dont be too hard on urself; there r over 8.5 lac applicants this time.....
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hey guys, things got much more trickier this year.......... no state quota, ie say nit tirchi, which is in tn, previously had 50% seats reserved for rest of india with all states getting equal share....... but from this year the 50% quota will be given on the basis of AIR only.

i am from mumbai, and generally maharashtra (also rajasthan) has a lot more competition than other states, eg i got AIR ~9500 and state rank ~500. but a guy from tamil nadu having similar AIR will have state rank more like ~200.

so i havent yet figured out whether the new rule is advantageous or disadvantageous to me........only time will tell.......
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