1. K

    Gamers, I am doing research on eye fatigue

    Hey gamers! So I am undertaking a project wherein I have a 5 question survey asking about gamers getting eye fatigue when playing for a long period. Link: Would you use Eye Protection for Gaming? This basically asks you about eye fatigue when you game and if & how much you're willing to spend...
  2. sujoyp

    [Want to Buy] Used PS3 with some games budget 10k in Mumbai

    Hi Guys I require a Used PS3 in good condition for home entertainment purpose. It will be good if you can provide some entertaining games like Racing, fighting,sports etc. Games will be played mostly by me and my wife :P Playstation Play attachment if available will be great. I live in...
  3. H

    HELP PS3 super slim not able to connect to wifi!!!

    Hey Guys, I got Sony PS3 super slim 12 GB and plus I am newbie to consoles. Before powering it on for the first time I upgraded the harddrive to 500 GB and booted up. Everything went fine the PS3 booted up shows me everything but I am not able to connect to my Wifi. I have a dual band...
  4. ajayritik

    Should I buy PS3 or PS4

    For long time intended to buy either PS3 or any other gaming console to go with my Samsung Smart TV 46". Had to delay it for reasons such as having to invest again in Game disks etc. But now intend to go for one. It will be mainly for me, wife and our 5 year old kid. There seems to be...
  5. anirbandd

    [For Sale] MEGA SALE: PS3 Super Slim + 13 Games and freebies

    1. *Model number and details: PS3 Super Slim 12GB in original packing + 13 games + 80GB HDD + HDMI cable :: Combo Offer -----Uncharted 1, 2 & 3 -----Killzone 2 & 3 -----Infamous 1 & 2 -----God of War Saga [I, II, III + PSP versions] + Ascension -----Heavenly Sword -----Red Dead Redemption GOTY [...
  6. seamon

    Tried a PS3 today.

    So today I bought a cheap used Phat PS3 solely to play the exclusives 1) Uncharted Series. 2) Red Dead Redemption. 3) Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki. 4) God Of War series. 5) Last of Us. Initial impression = Looks **** on a 1440p screen. All hail the glory of the PC Master Race. - -...
  7. abhijit_reddevil

    2.1 speakers for movies, gaming and music (budget Rs.10000)

    Hello friends, Posting here after a very long time. Recently my 10 year old Altec Lansing MX5021 went dead. It was my favorite set of speakers...still remember the first day I played music on it from my desktop, it was a different world altogether. It cost me Rs.10000 back in 2005. Now I am...
  8. P

    Ps3 / ps4 / xbox 360 / xbox one??? Which one (Urgrnt)

    Hi guys i need help quick I have some relatives in dubai Now,i am planning to ask them to bring me a console I Plan To Buy Ither Xbox 360/Ps3 combo or ps4 or Xbox one(if price is less or without accessories both xbox and ps4 are avalable under budget then both of next gen consoles)...
  9. G

    Need advice on buying PS3

    I am planning to buy a PS3 and I have some questions as I game only on PC: What is difference between regular, slim and super slim version? Which one to buy? Should I buy the 500GB or 12GB version? Can we install and play games on the PS3? Can PS3 access internet via WiFi or I need a LAN...
  10. D

    PS3 OR Xbox360 for "casual" gamer?

    Guys, I would call myself as a "casual" gamer. Given time, I can game endlessly, or I can do fine without it also. Realistically - I would not spend more than 3-4 hours gaming (that too over the weekend) But, I like to game. I am very much into racing games + GTA family games. Is this...
  11. adityak469

    Flashing A PS3(fat version)

    So most probably I'll be buying a PS3 from anirbandd But his PS3 isn't flashed and I don't have any experience on flashing a PS3. I wanted to know whether I can flash a PS3 (fat version) without much hassle? And after flashing how do I install games(you know which version) on it(like can I...
  12. krishnandu.sarkar

    [For Sale] PS3 320GB + 9 Games

    1. *Model number and details: PS3 320GB, Killzone2, Killzone 3, Resistance 2, Resistance 3, Infamous, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, GT5 Prologue, Prince of Persia Triology 2. *Date of purchase: PS3 : July 2013 from IVG / E / TE Member Bharat Bhati. Games : Forgot 3. Reason for sale: Lying...
  13. D

    Should I buy a PS3 now?

    Hi, I had built my first gaming pc few months back and It handles everything I throw on it. I used to game a lot in starting but now I do not feel like gaming on PC and using the chair. I have a 42 inch TV in the living room and have a good sofa on which I can sit comfortably. Should I buy a...
  14. abirthedevil

    Calling out to kolkata peeps for PS3 buying advice.

    So my bunch of crazies are COD multiplayer addicts and our beloved ps3 decided to pass away. WE need a new one. Where in kolkata can I get a PS3 at the lowest price? If its modded out of the box it works, no warranty no issue. Main consideration is the lowest possible price. If anyone can...
  15. amruth kiran

    Suggestions for a PS3 model.

    HEY GUYS! It is that time of the year when exams are upon us and we gotta bribe our parents for a little toy we want :wink: ,strictly speaking of course, the toy being a PS3 (not Xbox). Its simple really, I NEED A PS3 and i feel the 12GB would suffice for me to play GTA V/FIFA ,I wont be...
  16. vijju6091

    [Want to Buy] Ps3 used in working condition should be cheap

    hi all this is for one of my friend. And i will be dealing here. he is looking for used ps3 (12 GB, 160GB or anything )Must be in working condition without any issues like red circle or YLOD. He can not affoard new one so i am puting it here cheaper is better if anyone is willing to sell...
  17. bkpeerless

    What to buy ps3 or xbox

    This summer I am planning to buy a PS3 or xbox not (ps4 for xbox one because its out of budget. Plz sugest what to buy. the only thing i am worried about is the life of this console after the launch of next gen. plz help ..
  18. anirbandd

    Dead PS3

    My PS3 just died. Rip ps3. It has served me for a long 5 years, working tirelessly in extreme hot weather, dust and for 9-10 hours at stretches. Yes. It served me well. Now... What to do with it? It has no resale value.. But since i live at a PG i want to offload it fast and get the slim one...
  19. I

    Cheap PS3 Headset

    I need the cheapest headset (wired or bluetooth idc) compatible with PS3. PC compatibility is a bonus but can do without if price is cheaper. I don't really need high quality or anything, an average one will do as it's use will be limited to occasional chatting in some games. Any suggestions?
  20. V

    What to say to my family?

    Hello,guys.I know that you're the best out here in India.So,I'll get straight to the point. I just bought a ps3 12 GB model for almost rs. 16,000.When i reached home and told very proudly to my mom. and sis. about thisb'day gift of mine , my mum became very very very and, very angry with me as...
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