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  1. patkim

    Redmi 1S - Network provided date time not working

    On my Redmi 1S phone with MIUI 8, Network provided date time option simply does not work. Though set, date just resets automatically to 1 Jan 1970. I can manually set it but the option to set it automatically as provided by network just does not work. I never noticed it earlier I guess when it...
  2. Subhankar Mondal

    apple mac os install / format

    I want to learn how to format mac book pro. no os cd is provided. Be elaborate in your explanation.
  3. happy17292

    1 Ton Split AC under 31k?

    hi guys, I'm looking for a 1 Ton split AC under 31k (including installation). My room is 130sq ft in size with only roof and southern wall exposed to direct sunlight. one 5X4 window on southern wall which is closed most of the time. Primary requirement is long term reliability and hassle free...
  4. R

    [For Sale] Note II (pre-ordered peice) for sale

    1. Model number and details: Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 (International version) 2. Date of purchase: Do no remember 3. Reason for sale: Offer for a Nexus 5 as gift. 4. Warranty details: No warranty remaining 5. Condition: 9/10 6. Location of Seller: Bangalore 7. Accessories provided: Charger...
  5. R

    Want a good and cheap over the headphones

    So yeah, I tried searching a good one on flipkart but the reviews are too suspicious to trust. I have never bought over the ear headphones and I was suggested by a friend to ask on TDF. If anybody can suggest me a good and cheap as my budget is 1k I would be thankful to that person. Note: I want...
  6. Hakimtai

    Far Cry 3 Lost saved Games

    Just around the corner of almost finishing the game & all of the progress that i had was lost. I did googled it n the same problem resides over other users as well but the suggestion provided where not help full. just posted if any one here has resolved it ThX ......
  7. K

    how to connect two laptops with one lan connection

    I and my roommate are facing problem as we both have laptops ,but our room has been provided with a single LAN port(connection). Suggest any way so that we can both use the same lan connection at the same time.
  8. R

    [Query] Netgear 150 Router

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where is the service center for Netgear Router in Kolkata? Would highly appreciate if information can be provided. Thanks and Regards, rock_dj.
  9. A

    HDMI Player problem

    Not able to connect HDMI player to Smart TV. I have bought an HDMI Media Player to use along with my LG Smart TV. Even though it works through the AV cable provided, I am not able to get it detected through HDMI cable. The TV shows “No Signal”. Can anyone help me in this?
  10. Lalit Kishore

    What is use of Second Display Function provided by LG LM8600?

    I came to know that LG LM8600 has Second Display function. what's this and how it makes LG different from others.
  11. A

    Broadband on psp

    I have BSNL broadband connection. i have bought a WiFi modem from my friend(used). I want to use it(WiFi modem) to connect my PlayStation portable(psp) to the internet. I have my username and password which they provided, but in psp it requires a SSID and a WEP or a WPA key i don't know how to...
  12. A

    BroadBand Wifi

    I have BSNL broadband connection. i have bought a WiFi modem from my friend(used). I want to use it(WiFi modem) to connect my PlayStation portable(psp) to the internet. I have my username and password which they provided, but in psp it requires a SSID and a WEP or a WPA key i don't know how to...
  13. The Sorcerer

    Guestblogging for Tweaktown! Going to Computex!

    Yeah!!1 Believe that!!! I am to be attending/covering computex expo and also guest-writing for Tweaktown! If anyone has a list of wishes and complaints and stuff that they want me to pass, mention the manufacturer's name and say your thing! Provided its something that those guys are the...
  14. M

    harddisk partition

    i am using hp dv6 7012tx..i have problm regading parttion of my hard drive..it has only 2 partition primary of 583gb and recovery of 20 gb...as hp havent provided copy of win 7 HP along...plz help me out...i have tried partition using disk management...
  15. A

    Need to buy a cd/dvd drive for my dell laptop to replace the damaged one.?

    My Dell Vostro 1014 laptop has got cd/dvd drive complaint.I need to buy a new one.When I called customer care,they said there were three options- 1)Product+service charges costing rs.4000 2)Product+service charge+1 year warranty costing rs.9000 3)Product +service charges+2 years warranty...
  16. TheLetterD

    Need Help: Putting 2.3 Custom ROM on X10 Mini

    Umm Hey I want to update a X10 Mini using [ROM] GingerDX | v021b | Gingerbread 2.3.7 | 29/12/11 - xda-developers I havnt done this before I need a step by step tutorial on how to do it, cuz the Installation guide provided does not help. I repeat: I have NO IDEA WHAT ANY THING IN THERE...
  17. Gowt1ham

    AMD 965BE+MSI 790GX G65+4Gb DDR3+Tagan 500w+EVGA gtx 260+udac+1TB,500gb hdisk+MX 518...more

    reason for sale: need $.... LOCATION BANGALORE PREFERRED COURIER:BUYER CHOICE THIS IS A RAPID FIRE SALE: Prices can be increased or stuff removed from sale within 24-48 hours *Conditions apply :P No holding buizness for 1 hour or 1 day.....PM me only for queries/acc details only.... All...
  18. E

    VFM monitor for office use

    Hi, I need to buy a LCD/LED monitor for office use. I am on a limited budget and would like to go with the most VFM monitor - provided it is a reliable one. Max budget is 5K. Thanks!
  19. N

    Driver For Bluetooth Headset

    Hi, i'm usinig windows7 home basic. My bluetooth headset- iBall Lappie(i Ball Groovy) is not getting connected properly. the drivers provided cannot hel properly! Please Help! -- Dell Inspironn-i3
  20. soumo27

    [Query] Unknown Devices showing up under "Network Computers and Devices"

    Well I found these list of unknown devices appearing under Network Computers and Devices in the Control Panel. But these are un-accessible. I am using DSL connection provided by the cable operators. Can anyone explain what are these?
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