1. mikael_schiffer

    2 Modems destroyed by Thunderstorm. How do i protect myself ??

    Past few weeks have been a nightmare in the north east region. With earthquakes and continuous thunderstorms, its a nightmare for anyone who are reliant on computers. As i mentioned in the topic, we have already lost 2 ADSL modems (and one cordless telephone) in the past 2 weeks. One cant...
  2. V

    Password Protect External Harddisk

    I bought this Hitachi touro mobile 1TB drive it does not have any software utilities as other drive and i want to password protect the drive partition which software should i use i have see true crypt but its interface and setup look complicated can i use wd security software or suggest any...
  3. meetdilip

    Software to password protect USB

    I have a 16 GB pen drive. I am looking for a free tool which can help me password protect it and use other system which do not have this software. Is it possible ? Please help.
  4. oroboros

    Protection for laptop

    Hi everyone, I got my new laptop a while back and installed a trial version of avast. The subscription has expired, i am considering new options to protect my laptop completely.I am open to ideas.
  5. The Sorcerer


    This is not my system. A reputed brand had a concept about 2 years ago to sell a high end pc. This was quoted for 1.25lakhs about 1 1/2- 2 years approx. Their thought process reflects that the packaging which is made only to protect the case can protect the entire build for shipping. Rumour...
  6. v.Na5h

    Write protect an existing partition on HDD

    Guys as the title says is there any way other than using the security tab/icacls/cacls or encryption etc to Write protect an existing partition on HDD... For eg i want my E: drive (which contains movies & mp3) to be read only ie files cannot be modified nor deleted even with administrator...
  7. sanny16

    does spike guard or spike protector really protect the appliances

    can they protect the laptop and other appliances from high voltage fluctuation? If yes which are the best protector available in the market. I want to know how it works. Should i install spike guard for every electronic appliances?
  8. S

    Blue Screen Problem

    Sir I have purchased in Jun 2008an AMD Processor Dual core X2 6400+ and ASUS Motherboard(M3n78-EM) CPU with 2gb transcend ram and 250gb harddisk . I hav installed genuine Windows XP Sp3 recently and Protect with KIS 2012 and i hope my system is virus free bcoz i generally scan all the usbs...
  9. S


    hi, i recently purchased a D-Link DSL-2750U router. it has USB storage feature.i am able to access it via windows explorer \\\u_disk\usb1_1\ but i want to password protect what is the solution to password protect the USB storage connected to Router.
  10. D

    Disk Write Protect Message

    I am having disk write protect problm in my pen drives, no antivirus is able to deal with viruses inside them, Registry tweaks are not working at all to disable write protect. How to format it. Can linux live cd help and how tell me commands, i have trinity rescue kit but i forgot the commands.
  11. T

    Protecting Files on External HDD??

    I have a very basic and simple requirement and unable to find any good software or solution for the same: How to protect files present on a external HDD or USB from "unwanted access" and "accidental deletion" or "mischievous modifications"?? Thanks all. Cheers.
  12. bubusam13

    Copy protect PDF

    Hi, I need some software to copy protect PDF files. Basically I want to protect some of my office works in PDF format so that others could not copy paste them. I would prefer a freeware. I know adobe acrobat can do that. And is there any software to cpoy protect *.doc files.
  13. sygeek

    [HowTO] Prevent Your USB Devices From Getting Infected By Viruses

    Question: How can you protect USB devices like sticks or drives from being infected with computer viruses? Some users are lucky enough to have USB devices that have write protection switches, just like floppy drives had back in the good old days. They just need to pull the switch to write...
  14. C

    Need screen guard for touchscreen wave

    Hi guys, which screen guard/protector should i choose for samsung wave, to protect the touchscreen... Plz suggest thanks
  15. leo61611616

    Prevent Accidental Deletion & Modification of Files On USB

    USB Write Protect is a tiny, portable application that will protect your USB drives from accidental file deletion or modification. To protect a USB drive run the program and select "Enable Write Protect" and click apply. When you want to bring the drive back to write state, select...
  16. R

    want to copy protect my data saved in Hard Disk

    hello everyone , my problem is! i want to copy protect data on my external HDD, so anyone can see it but can't copy it, even if the HDD is connected to another pc.:? Thanks Rohan C.
  17. cluby

    password protect folder on portable hdd

    can ne one suggest a software so that I can passwd protect folders on my transcend hdd. tried the truecrypt it encrypts whole drive , when drive is inserted windows asks to format the drive , neone can accidentally do that instead of mounting the derive with truecrypt. so if there is...
  18. A

    question about vbulletin

    so my friend was running a forum and he want to protect few peoples account from being viewed by the others members is there any option in vbulletin that allows him to do that?is there any other option to protect some members anonymity in vbulletin? thanks for any further reply's...
  19. A

    password protect a cd

    can anyone tell me how to password protect a cd/dvd so that whenever i insert it , it sould ask for a password to open it . one more thing i want a foder lock so that the locked folder should ask for a password when i double click (open) it . most of the folder lock needs to unlock the folder...
  20. saqib_khan

    How-to write protect your USB drive

    We all like to protect our precious data. And sometimes we have to take some precautionary measure to protect it. Write protecting is one of the best ways to protect your USB drive against viruses. Suppose, you take your USB drive to your friends PC, your friends PC has viruses and therefore now...
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