1. patkim

    List of Private IPs

    When I search for Private IPs list I get the following list from Google. RFC1918 name IP address range number of addresses 24-bit block – 16,777,216 20-bit block – 1,048,576 16-bit block – 65,536 What I...
  2. patkim

    Spectranet ISP & Public/Private IP assignment

    I have been using Spectranet Internet at Pune. One of the advantage I had with this ISP was that it was offering a Public IP to home users. But now they have switched to Private IP assignment for home customers. 10.x.x.x series. Just wondering if any other users on this forum availing same ISP...
  3. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming Part IV

    Expert Java Programming Part 4: In this tutorial we'll write some cool Java games like BreakOut, PackMan, MineSweeper, ripple effect, Tetris, Scrabblet, CDShelf. 1) Write a Find MacOS Finder File browser like Stacked view ? Ans: You can browse among the albums by clicking on...
  4. JGuru

    Introduction to Software Enginnering & Development using Java

    Introduction to Software Enginnering & Development using Java To write better software you need to engineer the software components, use the Core Java API well to write a better software. Here are some sample softwares like editor, imageviewer, download manager, calculator, zip archiver...
  5. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming Part III

    Expert Java Programming Part III In this tutorial we will look at writing Java Programs at the expert level!! I got some exciting Java programs to get your Java adrenaline pumped up!! Let's get started!! 1) Write a simple program to show a Collage Demo in Java ? /** *...
  6. ASHISH65

    Govt body wants OBC quotas in private sector

    Backward class body for 27% quota in private jobs Source - Backward class body for 27% quota in private jobs - Times of Indi :banghead::banghead::banghead: Looks like in future we need to move out to nation like Canada,Australia etc for job because these politicians have no respect for hard...
  7. Vyom

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst [Closed Beta Registration Open]

    Loved this game in its original form. And now the reboot, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is about to set foot this year. But the game have released for closed beta. And I have registered for that. Below is the trailer, screenshot and then some links: Trailer...
  8. ico

    Firefox 42 launches with Tracking Protection

    Source: Firefox 42 Launches With Tracking Protection In Private Browsing Mode | TechCrunch
  9. Flash

    Indian private hospitals 'treat patients as revenue generators'

    What has long been murmured in private has now come out in public - India's private healthcare sector largely treats patients as mere "revenue generators", according to a study that reveals shocking testimonies of corruption. Kickbacks for referrals included an example from a general...
  10. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming - Part 2

    Part II of Expert Java JButton A JButton can show an Image or text or both. Here we display an Image. An array of buttons is shown displaying the images. The method loadImages() loads the images in the 'Images' directory. The method darken and brighten , darken & brighten the Image. We...
  11. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming

    Expert Java Programming Learn how to program using the Java language at the next level - expert level. This guide contains plenty of code that showcases how to use Java at the higher level. The following demo shows how to implement a custom button with a custom color. The button pulsates...
  12. quagmire

    Xiaomi secretly sending your info to Chinese servers

    Xiaomi secretly sending your info to Chinese servers - GSMArena Blog chinese-servers/ Looks like Xiaomi is working for China to make a NSA of their own. Well done! Sorry for the guys who just bought a Xiaomi.
  13. Desmond

    AMD Goes Private, Acquires Nvidia in A Reverse Takeover Maneuver

    Damn April's fool post. Mods please lock. I can't believe what I just read... Source : AMD Goes Private, Acquires Nvidia in A Reverse Takeover Maneuver - Pascal Islands Launching Q1 2016
  14. N

    Alternative to HOMEGROUPS ? or Am i getting it wrong ?

    Hey friends , please provide me with correct software or any tweaks if they might help my cause. Here is a situation. I m having 2 Laptops at home. Both of them connected to same network (A router), so i used Homegroups to share files over my laptops. They worked fine ! Now a query. When on...
  15. JGuru

    The Ultimate Guide to Java Programming & Reference:

    The Ultimate Guide to Java Programming & Reference Hey Guys in this post, I'm going to give you the list of the best books & resources on the Web to study Java Programming, plus I'm going to give you some programs written by me to help you understand Java programming better. I have more...
  16. Anorion

    Etiquette in digital communities

    What improves digital community experiences, please contribute Swear words : please to use sparingly in images and words. Might drive away some kinds of people, there are very young and very old people in all communities, keep that in mind. Always be at your best behavior : this is a no...
  17. bestpain

    private engi. college

    frnd plz suggest me a good private enginering college in which u have passed out or currently studying.... i am intrested in cse....i prefer college having good faculty and placement.....i got 70% in cbse 12 and 83 in jee average college would also be fine ..but not worst
  18. A

    beware, class 12th students aspiring for engineering.......

    hi friends i have completed my studies from a crap engineering college.... i would like to suggest you that please do a deep research about any particular private engineering college(which is not in top 40 in any of the national survey for the engineeing colleges, generally conducted by the...
  19. MetalheadGautham

    Oldest Private Swiss Bank Pleads Guilty in US Tax Evasion Case

    Source: Oldest private Swiss bank pleads guilty in US tax evasion case Interesting read. I hope India sees something here and follows up with its own action.
  20. Desmond

    Steam on Linux to go out in beta this month.

    According to the latest update on the Steam Linux blog : I think they ought to make their own distro as well.
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