1. A

    Best 64 GB Micro SD Card?

    Looking forward to buy one. Which company should i go for? Should be reasonably priced. (Around 1.5k) Confused over these two memory cards...
  2. meetdilip

    Redmi 2 and 2 Prime , difference

    What is the difference between Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Prime. I see that they are differently priced at Rs.5,999 and Rs..6,999.
  3. Cyberghost

    Octo-core Intel chips incoming this Autumn, priced at $999

    Intel is widely expected to be dropping the octo-core Haswell-E bomb in September. The smart money places launch sometime around their Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, but only the most committed enthusiasts will want to put down $999 for Intel’s new tech. Read More : Octo-core Intel...
  4. R

    Intex Firefox Smartphone Announced for less than Rs 2,000

    Intex today announced its association with Mozilla Firefox to bring the world’s most affordable smartphone, Cloud FX, the first Firefox OS device to India Priced in the sub Rs 2000 category, the smartphone will be targeted at first time smartphone users in tier II cities and rural areas and is...
  5. ithehappy

    Hey guys need a Vacuum Cleaner

    I was looking for a decent yet low priced Vacuum Cleaner, and even ordered one from eBay, the Panasonic CG-303, but the seller, bazardelight, said product not available and I just wasted a total of 20 days for the refund and those crap processes. That particular Panasonic model was really...
  6. A

    whichoneis best Soundmagic ES18 or Sennheiser CX 180

    Hi all Need a IEM under low budget. My SoundMagic E10 just died and warranty is also over. I was a long time user of PL21 and then E10. I would have gote10again but it is now priced 2200(When i bought it was 1500:-?) and I am on tight budget. So thinking about ES18, but also thinking...
  7. Zangetsu

    Cabinets below 3K

    These are the budget & excellent cabinets under 3k :-D 5 Awesome PC cabinets priced below Rs 3,000
  8. dude1

    diffrence between fx 4130 and fx 4100...?

    A friend of mine wants to assemble a desktop.... he has 2 processor choices in his budget fx 4130(black edition) or fx 4100....fx 4130 has higer clock frequency than fx4100 but is still priced a bit low on just wanted to know which one will be a better choice...(he likes fps...
  9. ZTR

    Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch on April 26 in India

  10. veera_champ

    [Want to Buy] Msi r6850 cyclone GPU

    I'm looking for this card to crossfire. Anyone willing to sell with decently priced. PM me your offers.:lol:
  11. theserpent

    Mobiles to cost more

    Mobile phones above Rs 2,000 set to cost more | Business Standard
  12. sudhir_3193

    swans M10 or logitech Z-623

    hey friends kindly guide me in choosing the best speaker among these two. My requirements are music,movies and gaming. I am more inclined to logitech because of THX certification and 200 watts rms. Both are priced at 8000rs.
  13. A

    LG Optimus 4x !!Urgent

    My friend has a special deal only valid for today in which LG optimus 4x is priced at 22400 and LG optimus VU is priced at 21600. I am planning to get a new phone but was waiting for a relative from the US for the Nexus 4. But since the specs of these three are quite similar, should I go for...
  14. S

    LG launches optimus l9 just for 22000

    the phone features rather impressive 4.7 inch display and 2150 mah battery which is 60% more than that on Xperia p priced similarly. other features are 1 gb ram and dual core processor, 5 mp camera and 4gb inbuilt expandable memory.
  15. LegendKiller

    Below 19k : Atrix2 or Xolo X900

    My budget has to be cut down due to some problems at my end and now i have a extremely tight budget of 15-19000 Rs and i don't think i could add even a rupee over Rs19k here. I know its a big constraint considering the choices available, but doing some research today, i find Atrix2 price at...
  16. TechnoHolic

    Purchased New PC

    Recently bought a new PC with the configurations listed below…. Motherboard - Intel DH61WW (Priced – 3550/-) Processor – 2nd Gen Intel Dual core 2.7 GHZ G630 (Priced – 3450/-) RAM – Strontium DDR3 4GB 1333 MHZ (Priced – 1150/-) Hard Disk – Seagate Barracuda 500 GB (Priced – 3450/-)...
  17. digitaltab

    Razer Abyssus vs. Steelseries Kinzu

    Hi all, vote for the one best according to you, and please mention the reasons for why you chose one over the other. also, if you think any other mouse falls in "claw/ fingertip grip" category and is priced <2k is better than these two, please mention. thanks. NOTE: the poll is created...
  18. S

    advice for monitor

    guys i wanna know whether aoc is a good brand for monitors or not because i saw a 23" 3d led aoc monitor priced at just 12500 in nehru place, delhi...
  19. A

    How good are Indian Androids?

    We have few good models released by Indian Cos Micromax, Spice, Karbonn etc I want to know about experience of people who used it. how is battery life in general, touch response, speed etc From reviews what i have seen is users have to compromise with performance to get those ultra-low...
  20. D

    Need Android Mob under 12 K

    Is sony Erisson xperia mini good to buy ? It's spec seems better than galaxy ace of Samsung & also it is priced a little low than ace.
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