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Booting issue, please help me out

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I'm using my desktop since 5+yrs; which has 845GVSR Intel original motherboard; in between I've upgraded processor to 2.66ghz from 2.4ghz, and I've added one 256mb RAM using another slot (Already it has 256), now the issue is that, since from few days, whenever I'm switching on the power supply, my PC getting directly started (it doesn't require to switch on by pressing power button of CPU), and giving "CHECKSUM BAD" error! Asking to press F4 to resume, after pressing F4 it's switching to BIOS setup, and resetting time n date to default!
Do help me out..


Your CMOS battery has gone dead!
Just open the cabinet and you'll find a button cell fixed on the motherboard (just like the ones we have in our wrist watches).

Purchase a new one from the market, install it, and you're good to go!! :)
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