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unknown bug in mercenaries 2 pc version

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I installed mercenaries 2 and patched it to version 1.1 ,every thing i working fine but in the beginning level (about 9% of career ) where you have to hijak the kidnappers car , i successfully in finding the car . After that when i pressed "e" near the rear a cut scene appears along with a cryptic key to press.

At first i was unable to understand what key it said but after repetitive trial and error i found it was enter key as at that key pressing no cross sign was being made . However i am still not able to hijak the car as despite pressing enter repeatedly the kidnapper throws me out

Please help,is there any other key associated ( assuming default config ) ,or any other correct way to hijack a car . I have hijacked a tank before .


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If you look at the controls section closely you'll see the corresponding icon closely to the button it relates to.

Here take a close look at the icons besides the default control scheme:

Just memorise them & pay attention when the combo is executed. When the relevant icon appears you need to keep tapping that key. The first tank requires only space to be kept tapping all along I think.
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