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System Boot Problem


I am the master of my Fate.
Hi Guys,
from last week I m getting this problem.
I m using NZXT Gamma.

Problem: When I press the button on Cabby to start PC..it doesn't get start...then after pressing the button 2~3 times it starts & boots & then works perfectly...

why it is not ON on 1st click?


Wise Old Owl
On the motherboard there are Front Panel Connector area remove all the pins. Check of anything is bent. Clean it a bit and replace the Connectors.

Also Check Mobo Main Power Connectors usually 2 nos if they are fitted correctly.

And when the system is not booting does it give BEEP errors?


Cyborg Agent
Also shuffle the power switch with reset switch to eliminate the cause of a loose or faulty switch if the prob persists after shuffling & if u r comfortable shorten the power switch headers in MB for a second with a screwdriver and see


Cyborg Agent
Others have already pointed to the power switch. Other possibilities are a low mains voltage or a weak or failing PSU.
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