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  1. Charley

    Mobiles below Rs.20,000

    1. I want to buy an Android phone, below Rs.20,000. Brands include Nokia, SE, Samsung, HTC, etc Battery & camera should be excellent, HD preferable, big display & all important features. 2. I have HTC Explorer presently looking to exchange with the new one. Any good shops in Bangalore...
  2. theserpent

    Bricked nexus 10? Help Me

    Okay So I unlocked bootloader via NRT.. So after unlocking I got into recovery and earsed the data(as mentioned in the instructions).. Now basically the tablet doesn't boot up to home... Then whenever I try to boot it,It just comes to the bootloader screen(device info). Presently trying to...
  3. Charley

    Mobiles below Rs.20,000

    1. I want to buy an Android phone, below Rs.20,000. Brands include Nokia, SE, Samsung, HTC, etc Battery & camera should be excellent, with HD preferable. Big display for watching videos & browsing internet. 2. I have Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 presently looking to exchange with the new one. Any...
  4. ShankJ

    Cell Under 10k

    I'm planning on buying a cell under 10k and would be using it for day to day use only.. Good processor and RAM is a must and i can compromise on the camera quality.. Presently short listed Lumia 520 but i'm open to suggestions..
  5. ShankJ

    New HDD @5.3K

    My friend has decided to buy a 1 TB external hard disk and given me the responsibility to find one within the budget(strictly 5.3K).. Presently have decided to go with WD My Passport which is available for 5.2K at Nehru Place.. Any other suggestions??
  6. A

    Anyone here using LOD with ipod classic

    My questions are: 1. Is a good quality Lod available in INDIA online or in BANGALORE, HYDERABAD.? If yes, which brand? 2. Which DAC/amp combo are you using presently. Please advise me on the same. I have Fisher Audio Silver Bullets, Koss Porta Pro, and Soundmagic E30 as primary ear/headphones.
  7. sysfilez

    Broadband Modems

    I have two broadband modems/routers which i want to sell. Details are given below 1. Telenet model no. TNDSL 2120 (White color) Reason for sale: Using different modem presently Warranty Details: Warranty expried Expected Price: Rs. 500/- Location of Seller: Kolkata...
  8. A

    is it possible?

    i presently have a fujitsu 80 GB hard disk fitted inside my laptop. and wish to increase it to 160 GB. of course i will buy a new one but what i wanna ask is "will i be able to use the 80 GB hard disk as an external one?" is it possible to it to a usb connectable hard disk? one more thing i...
  9. I

    I wanna buy MacBook!

    Hi i wanna get one macbook (pro or simple macbook). Will you quote prices for today! Which one's best MacBook or MB Pro. Presently i am having HP 1002au but still i wanna havw one mac for myself..
  10. guest

    Cabinet Doubt

    Hi, i just was going ou to buy a new cabinet. Could someone suggest me a good cabinet. I should be able to have enough ventilation to cool a q6600 and two graphics card in SLI and lavish space for cable management. I presently have a Antec 900 and i'm struggling with lack of space and serious...
  11. bajaj151

    WB Skins & Antivirus

    1) Suggest me good Windowblinds Themes (Vista). 2) Kaspersky Internet Security or NOD32 Smart Security Presently using Kaspersky .....not fully satisfied, memory usuage max.
  12. gary4gar

    Saving pages From Broswer for Printing them Later

    Many Times during My Online activity I am required to take print out of some document such as application forms,receipts, Railways & air tickets etc etc. But since i do not have a Printer, i would like to save them in exact forum(preferably PDF) so i could print them later on some other...
  13. Batistabomb

    Which Linus is most popular to take on ?

    Guys presently iam a windows system administrator, iam planning to take some linux courses to work under linux as a linux admin, so which linux version should i take on an presently which is on more demand
  14. codename_romeo

    Suggest me a phone within 5K

    Suggest me a phone within 5K........presently using a k510i.......... please make it fast
  15. T

    SATA hard drive 160 GB in DELHI for sale

    hi guys.. i need to upgrade space and am selling my hd sata 160 gb .. its two years old... no problem with hard disk ..presently using it.. item already sold before the post could show up in forum please close the thread
  16. M

    FS::Brand new amd 3000+ processor(socket 939)

    Selling price:: Rs::2500(non negotiable presently ..sale only for peeps from mumbai) BOught price:: Rs 2900(ard feb last month) will provide::xerox copy of bill + hsf not used at all + original box Reason for sale::Got a dual core 3800+ 939...so selling this one presently i wont...
  17. M

    Opera to Azeurus ?

    I'm D/l a movie from torrent through the default bittorrent client in opera. The problem is that the d/ling is slow. After completing 70% (ie the status presently) can I migrate from opera to azureus with that 70% intact & resume the rest 30% in Azureus?
  18. S

    Intel Motherboard - Best Latest In India...!!!

    INTEL MOTHERBOARD - BEST LATEST IN INDIA...!!! Respected nerds, techs, geeks and dear fellow members, Plz suggest me the BEST INTEL MOTHERBOARD presently available in India which is 1. Capable of having simultaneously as many PATA and SATA Hard Disks simultaneously attached to it as...
  19. C

    Need Tv Tuner card for Laptop

    I need a tv tuner card for my laptop ...how much will it cost??? laptop has PCMCIA slot...Please reply if anyone has such or know where will it be available..Im presently in Bangalore
  20. K

    suggestion for upgrade needed?

    i was looking for upgrade for my comp. my budget is Rs. 13000 for a cpu, Mobo, and a 80gb SATA HDD i have 6600 256 mb AGP 8X card so no need for on board graphic card i aslo have 2x 512 zion pc3200 2-3-3-5 ram so dual channel is a must i presently own PIV 2.4 with 845chipset mobo...
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