1. tech0freak0

    Software for presentation

    I tired of the boring old powerpoint presentations. I want to make an interactive presentation with zooming in to content in slides, moving from slide to slide with interactive features. I hope you can suggest some software or any web application for this task. Thanks:-)
  2. H

    Nintendo may not hold an E3 conference this year.

    In their investors meeting on E3: Can't wait for the rhetoric to start. This move makes sense though. They have clearly been de emphasizing their e3 conferences and dropping even more bombs on Nintendo Direct. This seems like a logical continuation of this trend. David Gibson...
  3. a_medico

    How to display countdown clock during ppt presentation?

    I will be making a 30mins ppt presentation soon. Is it possible to display a countdown timer of 30mins, which would be displayed when the presentation is on? I dont wish to exceed the allotted time. I couldnt find such option in powerpoint. Or maybe i missed it.
  4. A

    Assemble a computer from 1982-1986 era.

    I'm doing a college project where i have to select the best personal computer between 1982-1986. From what I've read on google is that IBM XT286 was the best.(correct me if I'm wrong). I've to collect the detailed technical specifications of all the parts, manufacturing company and their prices...
  5. S

    Help preparing for International Conference !!

    Hi Their is going to be International Conference Regarding Recent Trends in IT which is supposed to be held in "Thakur College" between 9 to 10 December. In it, my abstract got submitted and i have been invited for giving presentation in the "International Conference" My topic is "Cloud...
  6. Worried From Bugs

    Free PowerPoint templates from Microsoft and others

    Are you looking for free stunning powerpoint templates? Microsoft has a huge list of free templates to give your presentation a professional look. Do check these links for free templates: PowerPoint presentations and slides - Templates - Free PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds...
  7. N

    Presentation autorun help

    Hi.. I am stuck, again :-; I have created a Powerpoint presentation in PPTX format, with Microsoft office 2010. Now, I want to use the presentation as Product Demonstration or E-catalogue. I want to make a autorun cd which will automatically launch the presentation. What are the ways...
  8. N

    cyber fiesta

    Department of Paper Evaluation & Presentation and Computer Science Association, BITS Pilani together present CyberFiesta 2011. It is an event to showcase your software design expertise.It involves presentation of pre-developed utility-based software developed by you which will be showcased...
  9. A

    Multi screen view

    I have seen many adds where same video is splitted over a number of screens to give a large screen appearance what is this techonology. how can i use it for my day to day presentation works
  10. S

    Nokia + Windows Phone

    After all these years of manufacturing smartphones Nokia still has no Windows-powered smartphone. But that might change soon? In a recently leaked presentation on Nokia's software and services plans, the company mentions Windows OS along with the Series 40, Symbian and Maemo. That could...
  11. kool

    Presentation on SECURITY TOOLS...!!!

    Hi friends, i'm in 2nd year CS branch, i got a PPT presentation on SECURITY TOOLS (hardware & software). Please help me what to write in this topic..? and what is hardware security?? And how can i make my presentation attarctive..?? Please help me out guys.... SAURAV (noida)
  12. M

    Interior Designing Software

    Hi friends. My friend have joind a job in jaquar (lighting division) he want some software which can help in his presentation. So can any body tell any software which put stress in lighting decoration. Suggest any software. urgent required
  13. altimate

    how to create something like this.......

    * hi ppl, i want to make a product presentation in flash and the theme is exactly like the presentation which i've linked here. actually i m not at all familiar with the flash making and all the...
  14. din

    Please help and suggest - Presentation for high school students and teachers

    OK, it goes like this. I am planning to do two presentations next month in the school where I studied (16 yrs back). Presentations - Will be done using Openoffice and Linux. Sorry, no flame wars. This is needed because they are not supposed to use Windows (I am allowed to use win for...
  15. rosemolr

    I need All Of Your Help..Please

    Hey ...i Got a Slide Presentation about The Human Computer Interaction..I want the data About ma topic very badly..i had tried..wikipedia..encyclopedia.and all..but i need some more pictures..please help me dear friends..the presentation is at meeeeeee
  16. Plasma_Snake


    I've to give a presentation on Monday, I have Open Office as Office application suite installed on my system. I want to know that if Open Office Impress's files are compatible with Office 2007 or not 'cause at the place where I've to give the presentation, they have only got Office 2007. :confused:
  17. T

    the f*t*re of *omp*ting .. and threeonethree may be

    [Q*OTE] i have a presentation in a few days in my *ollege.. i have given the following presentations before. 1) Pira*y: dis**ssed abo*t pira*y iss*es in india . from software/hardware to *lothing.. i got 4/5 marks be*a*se it was my very first presentation and i prepared it in 5 min*tes...
  18. C

    Presentation Help

    Ok got a presentation after like 1 hr.. So tell me some good points plz. Topic: How is technology affecting homework? Can anyone give me stats on how many students were using internet in blah blah year.. I tried to google but oh well didn't get.. In a hurry so can't search properly...
  19. hrushij

    Any Idea 4 Papaer presentation?

    Hello Friends, I need some new idea for paper presentation.. It should be related to Computer/IT!! plz... :confused: Thanx in Advance..
  20. heartripple

    its urgent i was deleted my powerpoint presentation and i want to recover it

    hey all of u please help me i deleted my powerpoint presentation accidently and now i wanted to retrive it from my pen drive as it was saved on pen drive.i tried to install system mechanic 7 pro on my pc but when i double clicked on that setup file set up dilogue box appears for a moment nothing...
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