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  1. jaimin100

    lenevo g510 gaming problem

    hello mates, i recently purchased lenevo g510(i5,1tab,6 ram) but even unable to play nfs underground :P there is preinstalled win8.1 shall i format to win 7?
  2. MetalheadGautham

    The Samsung Galaxy Y Thread

    Hi guys!! I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Y. Its got a 240x320 screen. Knowing this limitation, please suggest some nice apps for it :D I want the following: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Apps (installed official ones from the market) Document Editing - I need an office suite...
  3. S

    sp i integration with vista

    dr friends where in drgit dvd can i find wim filter to enable vlite. i want to create a vista dvd with sp 1. my hp desktop is preinstalled with vista basic. how can i make a vista dvd using the recovery dvd supplied along with system pl help me with thanks raghunathan
  4. P

    Load Xp On Preinstalled Vista Business

    how can i load xp on my hcl laptop (infiniti powerlite 9100 ep )which is preinstalled with vista business .
  5. L

    Laptop for sale

    I have , Sony Vaio VGN-FZ15G Laptop Specs: Centrino Duo (1.80 GHZ ) Toshiba 120 HDD NVIDIA Ge Force 8400 GT GPU 1 Gb Ram DDR-2 ( 667 MHz ) HDMI Connector Full HD 1080 Screen came preinstalled...
  6. dhanusaud

    Vista Home vs Vista Ultimate

    Guys, My Boss tablet pc HP tx1302au with following config: Proc: AMD Turion RAM: 2GB Graphics card: nVidia (don't know model) HDD: 160GB has preinstalled Vista Home Basic. But guys speed is like Pentium III:( as there is no optional software except Office 2007. Bcz it is used only for...
  7. Davidboon

    nokia 6600(3 yr old)+512 mb memory card for rs 5000

    nokia 6600(3 yr old)+512 mb memory card for rs 2500 i am selling a nokia 6600 (3 yr old)+512 mb memory card with all softwares you need preinstalled.
  8. D

    Which Sound Card is good?

    In my office, I have INTEL XEON machine running on Intel® Server Board SE7520BD2 This machine is used as a server. but now it is stand-alone connected to BSNL broadband. I think it does not have preinstalled sound card..Machine has one slot free.. I want to buy new sound card for this...
  9. cynosure

    Cannot install XP on system.

    I have a few friends of mine who purchased PC which came preinstalled with OS. One has Dell Desktop PC (Which had windows vista Business preinstalled) and other has Compaq Presario V6409 (Free Dos preinstalled). The problem is that if I try to install Windows XP (Base version or SP2) it does...
  10. V

    Suggest me a Laptop Notebook

    Hello, I am in a need of New Laptop..I prefer AMD, actually it is for the demonstration purpose but found most of the preinstalled system has very different set up than its Desktop counterparts.. Actually I want to install Linux but the laptop that I tested are (compaq) Preinstalled with...
  11. S

    excel not working

    whenever i lauch excel, a message pops up asking me to install a plugin then it starts configuring office with frontepage and asks me to insert the office disk. what do i do? i dont have the office as it came preinstalled with my computer.
  12. selvamcbe

    IE 7 Not able to Update in My PC??? Any one can help me

    How can i install IE 7 New version in my WinXP opeating system ???Its Preinstalled with SP2......:-(
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