1. Chetan1991

    Looking for the best USB 3.0 hub within 1 to 1.5k

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a compact USB 3.0 hub. I've found this TP Link 4 port hub, which seems pretty nice, but isn't powered. Is there any other USB 3.0 hub in 800 to 1500 range with good build quality and power support as well?
  2. Chetan1991

    Need a powered usb hub for around 1k

    Need a powered small USB hub for 1k or less. It would be great if it supports USB 3. I once found one from Circle going for 1k but a review said speeds don't exceed 55 MBps so not sure how good it is.
  3. Cyberghost

    Tiny robots powered by living muscle tissue

    Creating an articulated robot usually involves putting together a series of parts and utilising one or more technologies to make it move, including hydraulics, rubber bands and wheels. These are often fairly limited; omni-directional, for example, or unable to adjust to uneven terrain — one of...
  4. H

    Firefox repotedly working on a Chromecast killer.

    Source: GigaOm VS0VUOfrycw Full Article:-
  5. izzikio_rage

    Speakers at 1k

    Hi everyone Gotten sick of the very low volume of the internal speakers on my HP elitebook 8470p. Need suggestions for some cheap speakers, preferably ones that are externally powered. Dont' want to waste a USB port on them
  6. quagmire

    HTC One Max to launch in India for Rs. 56,500

  7. theserpent

    Panasonic to launch its first smartphone in India on May 16: Reports

    *www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JusLwyVHwqs So now we will have more budget quad-core mediatek phones in the market, rumors say pricing can be anywhere between 15k-25k If they offer good Ass,micromaxx is done for
  8. Nerevarine

    Sony's first mediatek based phone spotted

    Source : Sony C3 Appears Online, Believed To Be Sony's First MediaTek Powered Smartphone Quote: If this is true, we can hope for Kernel source and eventually development ... Good news for all
  9. shaunak

    External / Portable Hard Disk - 500G to 1 TB

    Hi, I am in the market for some external storage that I can lug around. My primary requirements are to store some processing data [20-30 GB each set = total may be 300GB-ish (Prediction)] and papers / articles / text books [5 GB ish] and some songs/multimedia [ 5 GB-ish ] . So I figure I need...
  10. B

    Electree+ - A beautiful solar powered charger for cell phones & other devices!

    Electree+ - A beautiful solar powered charger for cell phones & other devices! Source - Electree+ - A beautiful solar powered charger for cell phones & other devices!!
  11. perplexed

    Portable HDD USB3.0 1 TB question !!

    Hey, I was thinking of purchasing a USB3.0 powered portable 1 TB HDD mostly of seagate or WD. I was looking through the price difference between the HDDs in chromaretail and Flipkart. I was astonished to find 1 TB seagate was available at 4700 when it was available at 5300 on Flipkart. But...
  12. Empirial

    LG to launch Optimus 4X HD in India on July 19

    LG is all set to hold a press conference in Mumbai on July 19 where the company will officially launch its quad-core powered LG Optimus 4X HD in the Indian market. This will be the third quad-core powered Android smartphone to launch in India after the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III...
  13. nCyCoD

    Suggestion for a USB Hub..

    I am looking to buy a USB Hub preferably with 7 port and AC powered or 4 port without AC powered.. Some time ago I bought a cheap one with 4 ports.But I could use only 2 out 4 ports at a time.:| I want all ports to work at a time.
  14. iWOOFER

    suggest:a good powered subwoofer for home use (budget 10k)

    need a good powered subwoofer for home use...the budget is 10k how is sony sa w2500? is it avialble in kolkata?
  15. bajaj151

    USB Hub Slow transfer speed

    Yesterday I bought a local USB hub (4 ports)...Powered using USB 2.0 port (rear) : Rs. 100 Problem: Transfer speed is very slow (Connected USB Powered Seagate 500Gb HDD) Message: Your USB Composite Device can perform faster if it is plugged into a hi-speed port OS: Windows 7 64 bit...
  16. power_8383

    USB Hub

    Hello guys, I want to buy a self powered USB hub. (for external HDDs, printers etc.) Is the following USB hub a self powered one ? iBall – Your eyeball view. Our technology new. Their website shows that its a self powered one, but the local dealer is saying that it can't give power to...
  17. Vyom

    Could This Be The First Solar Powered Laptop?

    PS: Apart from this being a Solar Power Laptop, it's Looks are Stunning too! Source: Could This Be The First Solar Powered Laptop?
  18. giprabu

    Core i3-370 vs AMD Phenom II N850(triple core)..Which one is better ?

    I have a dilemma of choosing a laptop based on the above processors.. And most of the laptops are powered by intel processors, why is it so ? Since there are very few models with amd processors, does it mean amd proccys are unreliable for laptops ?
  19. onlyabhi

    10 reasons why Meego powered Nokia phone can outrun any Android powered phone

    Android has become very popular in a very short span of time. However, the upcoming joint product of Intel & Nokia, MeeGo, when on a Nokia phone, may offer many more advantages over Andoird. Here are the 10 reasons why Meego powered Nokia phone can outrun any Android powered phone. Take...
  20. ajai5777

    Is it bad for a PC to be powered off with out shutting down..?

    I do have a UPS.But I have an UL broadband so I download 24X7.So I let PC run when I go out.But some times (may be once in a week or so) power goes and my PC is being powered off after the backup of UPS.I know its bad for HDD. Please tell me whether its so bad or not.
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