External / Portable Hard Disk - 500G to 1 TB


Tux Fan

I am in the market for some external storage that I can lug around.

My primary requirements are to store some processing data [20-30 GB each set = total may be 300GB-ish (Prediction)] and papers / articles / text books [5 GB ish] and some songs/multimedia [ 5 GB-ish ] . So I figure I need a 320GB / 500GB drive.

I have a few questions regarding that:

Should I get a 3.5" drive with a supply or a 2.5" portable drive? Do I gain significantly with a 3.5" drive in terms of reliability and speed? (because a non external powered drive is very convenient on the go). To be honest the more I think of it - unless there is a significant cost difference - I would like to go for a small drive powered off USB

Is it cheaper to buy a 3.5" internal drive and stick it in an case than buy a branded drive today? And does the price difference justify the loss in reliability?

I do not like the look of the USB3.0 mini flat connector (fig 3) :p It looks fragile. Are some discs available with square connectors (fig 2) as well? [ *photos.appleinsider.com/dual-bus-usb3-cables.jpg ]

What's my lowest cost option in the market?
I found a Seagate 500GB drive for 2900 RS - I did not ask if it was 2.5" or 3.5" (externally powered)

Whats the price difference for a 1TB drive?
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