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  1. A

    portable speakers for my laptop

    which portable speakers for my laptop can i buy for ok sound.my budget Rs 1000.00
  2. X

    Suggestion for Small laptop <12" 22K budget

    I need a small laptop / netbook less than 12 inches 22K budget What is must- Anti-reflective screen. As it will be mostly used out side in sun shine. Any suggestions?
  3. W

    Portable Speaker suggestion :)

    Hi friends, My dad has an MP3 Player of Sony and also a smart phone with full of songs. I would like to give him a good portable speaker so that he doesn't need to use the ear phones all the time! 8-) Previously gave him an X-mini Capsule Speaker worth less than 1000 quite some time ago...
  4. C

    buying advice for portable laptop audio speaker system and headphones

    Hi Guys... I am looking for two things for my laptop : (1) portable speaker system/sound bars - My upper budget limit is Rs 5K (2) Headphones - My upper budget limit is Rs 2K I searched and re-searched and felt interested in 2 edifier systems for point (1) above. these are Edifier...
  5. A

    WD Makes/sells enclosures? :D

    hello After posting two threads on this forum for my hdd and that case i was fed up with it. So I have returned that techcom case back to the shopkeeper :D after having so many doubts in my mind with it :D i went to another shop in my area and i was shocked.The guy had 4-5 varities of 2.5 hdd...
  6. R

    portable charger for smartphones

    Hi, I am looking for a portable charger for my two Samsung Galaxy smartphones.. Please suggest a charger with which phone can be charged 2-3 times and which doesnt get discharged if not used for 15-20 days Thanks
  7. S

    Need a router(portable if possible) for sharing CABLE and TATA PHOTON to a wifi ntwrk for around 2k

    I'm looking out for a wifi router that can serve majority of my below mentioned requirements for a budget of around 2.5k: 1) Need to share my CABLE internet connection. 2)Need to share my TATA PHOTON internet connection 3)If portable router available, battery enabled then too good, so...
  8. H

    ASUS Orion (Not The Pro Version) For Portable Devices???

    I have a question... How does the ASUS ROG Orion performs with the portable devices such as iphone,tablet etc... ??? Can it crank up enough volume with those portable devices??? SPECS- Connector 3.5 mm(1/8”) jack Driver Diameter : 50 mm Driver Material : Neodymium magnet...
  9. tejjammy

    How to choose the perfect Portable HDD??

    Hello guys! Firstly sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I wanted some help regarding Portable HDD. I want to buy a HDD with 1TB storage and should have USB 3.0 connectivity. I looked up many places and found that the prices vary from 4500-6000. Which companies are reliable? Can you...
  10. A

    portable basic speakers for my laptop

    where can i get portable basic speakers for my laptop-budget below Rs 1000.00-i want speakers for basically listening to music and you tube videos-i am looking for cash on delivery websites like flipkart but am confused with the performance stats of such speakers.also are bar types better-i mean...
  11. Sarath

    Problem accessing files in portable HDD - virus infected

    I recently lent my portable HDD to a friend and on returning it seems to have become a dud. All my folders appear as short cuts which link to the same file "G:\teudu.scr". G drive is the port HDD. I ran a scan to find a few viruses which I failed to note down (my bad) using Avast. The HDD...
  12. M

    [For Sale] Seagate Goflex 1.5TB Portable USB 3.0. Like New with Seagate Warranty.

    1. *Model number and details: Seagate GoFlex 1.5TB Portable USB 3.0 External HDD 2. *Date of purchase: Jan 2012 3. Reason for sale: Downgraded to lighter 1TB Touro. 4. Warranty details: Yes 5. *Expected Price: Rs 6000 + Rs 150 shipping DTDC Plus or Aramex. Free shipping within kerala 6...
  13. Ironman

    Where to Post it ?

    How to put this ...............................:| Well i have started a ............. Startup Company............ Atleast trying What i offer ? I Recover Data from Damaged , Corrupted Storage Devices Like HDD , SD Cards ( Portable , External & Internal) But i have no idea on how to...
  14. ramakanta

    portable linux OS

    is there any procedure to make opensource Linux os portable , where double click and run the Linux os inside the windows os , ie without booting. please help me. thank you.
  15. N

    Portable Hard Disc

    Are Hitachi Touro Mobile and Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro different models of portable drives? If Yes, What is the difference between them?
  16. T

    Need Best Portable External hard disk

    Hey Geek, I am looking for Portable External hard disk with feature like 1 TB Space USB 3.0 and my Budget is between 5k to 6k I have shortlisted some but not able to decide the Best from the Below List WD WDBBEP0010BBK Seagate STBU1000302 Transcend TS1TSJ25H3P Transcend TS1TSJ25A3K...
  17. ramakanta

    Portable Apps 4 USB mass storage device users..

    Okay, all of you .. You ever want to have a host of programs that you can take with you? Well, now you can. Some of the most common freeware/Open Source Windows programs have been specially built to be used FROM USB devices... PortableApps.com - Portable software for USB, portable...
  18. A

    Suggestions for 32" Full HD TV @ under 34k

    Please suggest the best TV which satisfies all the below requirements: 1) Only 32 Inch 2) Full HD 3) Budget : Strictly Under 34.5k 4) Use: Only DTH for atleast for the next 2 years and may connect a PS3 after that if the TV lasts that long 5) Only - Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Onida and...
  19. M

    new external hard drive (portable ) for laptop

    i have hp dv6 laptop.its hard drive isnt working fine .it shows it has bad sectors.i tries every repair solution but could not get it fixed.so i am planning to buy a new portable hard drive.i want to know which drive is best for the purpose ,.the drive should be heavy duty becoz i will install...
  20. clinton

    Need A new Portable Drive..

    Hello friends,I ve been thinking of buying a new Portable drive for quite sum time now & I must say I'd nvr expected d prices to be so swirling.Just a month back I'd inquired at Vashi the price was 4700 for d WD MY Passport 1TB and I was relieved to c dat d prices were finally receding after...
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