1. S

    Recommend me a decent router for BSNL Broadband

    no budget limitations. i wont be using wifi so range is not important, will use it by Ethernet cable. last time i checked this forum 'TP-Link TD-W8968' was a popular choice. is it still the same or should i get some new version product? PS: i will buy it online (amazon/flipkart) so links are...
  2. Anorion

    The Truth about Popular Music

  3. I

    Popular SMS money transfer systems

    Hi all! I am researching SMS-based money transfer systems in developing countries and would like to find out more about any in India and how popular they are. Internet search hasnt been that useful so far. Would you know of any that are particularly popular,especially in rural areas? Thanks!
  4. Tenida

    Discussion about mobile processor/SoC

    I have seen so many mobile processor from different vendors not like the case with desktop processor. In desktop only two popular name are there like Intel or Amd although VIA,Motorola are there but not that popular. So, created this thread so that we can discuss about various types SoC in one...
  5. L

    Must have Apps for Android

    Hey All, I own an Android Galaxy Y. I have packed it up with a lot of apps.Sleep As Android aap alarm clock that uses motion sensing to monitor the quality of your sleep.Little Photo adds funky effects to your photographs. Its insanely popular and free.A new app called WeChat is also an...
  6. theserpent

    How do i make my blog better and Popular?

    Hey guys..Can you please suggest ideas to make my blog better and popular and get many many hits a2graphics WELL now it has many more review!
  7. A

    Motion Sensing Controllers for PC

    After looking at motion sensors for consoles like Kinect, PS Move, i was wondering why there is no popular controller released for PC gaming as well. I was reading about razer hydra. but wondering why there are not many popular devices for pc since there are many more pc gamers than console...
  8. rezurect007

    What's your favorite OS?

    Lets see how popular each OS is?
  9. socrates

    eBay India reveals results of its Battle of Gadgets 2011 report

    eBay India has announced the eBay India Battle of Gadgets 2011, which ranks India’s most popular electronic gadget purchases online over a 12 month period based on an analysis of all eBay transactions. The research report showcases interesting trends of India’s Top Gadget Cities, Models & Brands...
  10. Sarath

    [Poll] What is your favourite gaming platform?

    Games are an integral part of any guys life (and academics ;-) ) Vote for the platform(s) of gaming that you prefer and enjoy. Lets see which is the most popular platform out here. Is it the humble PC, the jack of all trades. Is it the console, like the popular PS2, PS3, Xbox series and...
  11. J

    Windows tablet

    Hi Why windows based tablet s are not so popular when we use windows everywhere?
  12. A

    RAM quality

    Please anybody tell me which are reliable RAMs avaible in market.I am not asking for popular brands but brand which is cheap but good quality.How is Zion RAM???:?:
  13. NewsBytes

    A look at the new Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 across devices

    Today Opera Software has managed to pull off a remarkable feat, they have got 10 versions of their popular Opera browser for mobile phones and tablets out the door. Not only have they released new version of their Opera Mobile (11) and Opera Mini (6) software, but they have also embraced new...
  14. T

    Rockmelt Browser: The Facebook Effect

    Hi, Very recently i came across this browser called rockmelt. When a browser is created, it’s is developed in such a manner that it’s compatible with most of the latest web technologies. And if the browser is popular, then most of the websites are coded in such a way that it can be viewed...
  15. leo61611616

    Meet Inframutt - Google's Evil Twin

    When you do a search on Google, you get the most relevant and popular results, while Inframutt fetches and displays the least popular results to you. It's the exact opposite of Google. If ever you’re doing a search for unpopular sources, ‘Inframutt’ is your engine of choice. Read More Here
  16. H

    What brands to consider for 32 inch LCD tv

    Hi I am planning to buy a 32inch LCD TV with a budget of 55-60k. Among the popular brands, which ones are known for better products?? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  17. Jaskanwar Singh


    i just wanted to see which processor is most popular. please vote
  18. NucleusKore

    Five Brilliant Ubuntu-based Distros You Never Knew Existed

    Since this isn't a news item, I posted it here. Hope it's alright ! There’s little doubt that Ubuntu has changed the Linux landscape since its creation several years ago. It has adopted and developed several key technologies to help make those typically harder tasks under Linux, easier...
  19. punchcard

    Cannot access popular sites

    I cannot access popular sites like youtube,webshots and few others.Internet is working fine for all other sites.I have disabled firewall and few other services but no avail.I am using windows xp sp3.Please help me out.Thanks..
  20. T

    Internet Download Manager 5.18 Free License giveaway

    Day 6 of TechPP Mega Christmas giveaway and today it is turn of the most popular download manager currently - IDM 5.18! http://techpp.com/2009/12/01/techpp-mega-christmas-giveaway-idm-5-18/ Comment to enter, additional rules inside the post
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