1. V

    Opinion on Nikon Coolpix S7000

    I would like to know from users the minus points about Nikon Coolpix S7000. Are there better cameras available for 10k?
  2. marvelousprashant

    New DSLR: D3300 vs D5200

    Hi guys, posting after a long time. Old members sujoy and nac might remember me. I am planning to buy a DSLR next month. I am looking to get the Nikon D5200 or the D3300 (open to suggestions for other brands too) Budget is 30-35K with kit lens. I have a few specific questions: 1. In a number...
  3. A

    Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 : Review and Benchmarks !

    So Ladies And Gents, I bought this laptop back in November Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop - Mainstream laptops from Dell Never got around to reviewing it, but now that moment has arrived and I will be doing a review. I bought the laptop for 68K from a local dell retailer, here are the Specs for...
  4. Mr.Kickass

    Nokia loses all its social media points with ‘F*** you’ tweet

    I'm a bit late to write this but its a must read for those who missed it
  5. S

    Web Data Extractors

    Can anyone suggest me some good data scrapping tools to compile large amounts of data from websites?? I tried mozenda but i does not pick up data from certain points !!
  6. spironox

    Outdoor access points

    Hey people Did a search around and couldn't find a reliable solution for the OUTDOOR ACCESS POINTS questionnaire does any one has any ideas ?? need to change mine the RADMAX S. unit cover just got disintegrated (2001 make ) I have a small budget and mostly need the SU to connect to ISP...
  7. Sarath

    Need 5 people's help for referrals - weird birthday gift for bro

    Straight to the point, I need help of 4 people to download a certain app so that I (not I) get points. Name of the app is .......... available on Android and iOS What is all this about? Well, my brothers birthday is coming up (21st feb). He has taken a liking to a certain online iOS...
  8. J

    Preventing Corsair H100 leaks

    Hello Just decided to purchase corsair h100i extreme performance (and bla-bla). But I have seen many cases where it messed systems by leading, especially neat the paint of hozel joints. So my question is simple- how do I prevent it from leaking? Should I put some tape or something at critical...
  9. T

    A little help with upcoming debate please

    Hey guys, I have a debate on 3rd November, and the motion of the house is "It is better to be born rich than talented". Well, since we (our class) is participating in a debate for the first time, we've been told about the motion beforehand, so that we can prepare nicely. I am in the Opposition...
  10. Tech.Masti

    VFM LED/LCD TV under 14k, Suggestion need

    14 years old Sharp 21 inch CRT TV picture output getting hazy, mono sound, etc, making disturbs, so need to change my TV........ as already bought CableTV set-top box, i need to buy a Value For Money LED/ LCD TV under 14k, have no idea about latest TV market, so need suggestions from you...
  11. tejjammy

    HTC One V vs HTC Rhyme

    I wanted to buy a phone within 20k. A few days back Rhyme's price was slashed to 15k in Ezone. Here are few points: Is it worth buying an year old phone right now with a new release competing? Both have almost similar specs with Rhyme having higher RAM and Front camera. But One V has a...
  12. R

    Laptop Suggestion under 35K

    Details: 1) Budget - 30-35k 2) Size - Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen (Widescreen definitely) 3) Usage - Development Work (using both Windows and Linux) & Watching Movies 4) Battery life - As much as possible :) ..... 3-4 hrs 5) OS - Win 7 + Linux 6) Hardware knowledge - 7 to 8 7)...
  13. socrates

    Research points out at rising risks of Bluetooth devices

    Finnish data security firm, Codenomicon says software faults in Bluetooth devices are becoming easier to exploit, putting users at risk. Bluetooth radio technology is widely used to link cellphones to their accessories, and its security has not been considered a major problem. Research points...
  14. R

    Best mobo for 2500k or 2500

    I would like to upgrade my pc processor.I am not in overclocking and would like to buy a decent motherboard with the above processor.Help needed. Is there a compatibility issue of h67 chipset with k version of the processor? Please recommend a good motherboard for the above processor...
  15. doomgiver

    no. 4 in "Blight Of The Immortals"

    recently started playing a new mmo. kinda like chess, but the pieces have special powers and can level up. highly recommended to all those who like rts/tbs. Blight of the Immortals. Strategy, Fantasy, Zombies! i'm no. 4!!! yaay!!! just missed no. 3 by 2 points. do give it a try, its...
  16. leo61611616

    Check-Ins for Websites - OneTrueFan

    OneTrueFan is a Foursquare like service for websites. You need to install a browser extension and a browser bar will start tracking your Web visits. Each time you go to a new domain or subdomain, you get 10 points. For each visit to a subsequent new page, you get an additional point. If you have...
  17. H

    Core i3 vs athlon ii x4 upgrade

    Hey Guys, Planning to upgrade my aging Athlon64 based sys... RIP baby! Will use the rig for browsing, dev work (will run an app / web server / eclipse) and casual gaming. Thinking between Core i3 vs Athlon ii X4. Points to ponder: 1. i3 consumes lesser power, runs cooler 2. i3 much better...
  18. I


    Have you heard of Lockerz? Lockerz is like Facebook, except that you can earn points to redeem for stuff like PS3, Xbox 360, iPad, iTouch, iPod Nano, handbags, Paypal Cash, Watches and even concert tickets! You don't need to invest cash in Lockerz to get points, you can invite your friends to...
  19. Zangetsu

    PC vs PS3

    We all know both...but how many of agree dat... PC games graphics is superior than PS3 game graphics :)) to prove your points pls provide evidence... I hope this will help to build a better gaming machine....:twisted:
  20. quan chi

    how good gamer you really are??

    to the topic.i was getting bored with same all those threads and all monotonic posts.therefore i came up with a kind of contest where no prices will be awarded except points.:D this thread is intended for fun only therefore please try to maintain the fun factor. [/CENTER][/FONT] RULEZ...
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