1. ITTechPerson

    Mouse pointer responce aftrer keyboard on startup

    My Laptop with Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit is facing a non responding mouse pointer at startup. After pressing any key from k/b; mouse pointer starts movement, other wise no movement but right click is responding. Any known solution ? Uninstalled all new applications, tried to system restore -...
  2. K

    Backlit/Illuminated keyboard

    Hi guys, Can people here suggest a good branded/chinese(if I get one) backlit keyboard? My budget is around 3k. Any pointer or links(for obline purchase) will be useful. Thanks in advance.
  3. P

    Mouse Pointer Speed Increase

    Does Any software or Tweaking available to Increase Mouse Pointer speed beyond Windows XP maximum in control panel slider is capped. Because I feel slow even with full pointer speed in my 1440x900 Resolution. Please help. Thanks in advance ...
  4. H


    Hi I have a compaq Presario V3000 laptop using Vista home. I face a problem with my Pointer (Synaptics touch pad), That once the computer is not in use for some time and goes to sleep, on waking up the pointer disappears and I have to restart the system to get it back. This happens even if I...
  5. H

    Help me.. !! Unusual Vista problem.

    Hi guys, I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate with 1GB RAM and a Dual Core processor. Yesterday evening when there was a power cut my UPS didnt function, so my system abruptly switched off.. :(:( Then when I switched it on today I was welcomed with the login screen, but when I clicked my user...
  6. S

    Comman & conquer : kane's wrath mouse problem

    I am unable to see the mouse pointer when the game loads - not in the game menu and nether in the actual game. I tried various settings for the mouse in 'Pointer options', but nothing worked. Specs: AMD athlon X2 dual core 3800+,1gb RAM,nvidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 Pls help.
  7. 0


    what is delegate in c#? delegate is a function to a pointer as in c++.
  8. gary4gar

    Compiz-fusion: Disapearing Desktop elements.

    I am having problem with compiz fusion, main problem is the My whole desktop keeps disappearing in parts, then comes back for few secs when i hover mouse pointer the them. Here is a random screenshot, to explain my problem For now i have disabled compiz :|
  9. INS-ANI

    pointer to 2-D array

    need help in pointer to 2-D array, i can get the concept, but cant grasp the practical part in this topic.Can any one plese help me find a proper study material for the same. I read Let us C, i want better!
  10. abhi.eternal

    how to control a goalie in fifia08?

    i am really getting fed up by my goalie. i have set automatic goalie to semi-pro but still he cannot save a ball shot from a mile. it is really upsetting when you have 4-0 lead and end game with 4-4!! i tried to control the keeper manually but just cannot get the pointer over his head. the...
  11. blackpearl

    Christmas Special: 21 most beautiful mouse cursors for Windows

    Are you running the same mouse cursor (pointer) that came with Windows XP or Vista? How boring! If you can change your desktop wallpaper and icons, why not the cursors? Think of this: you take pains to get the best looking wallpaper, the best looking icons, use gadgets and widgets to decorate...
  12. goobimama

    The Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet: First Impressions

    I had never used a tablet before so I was a bit skeptical on spending 11k for something that I wasn't sure about. I'm glad I got it. And now that the iPod Touch euphoria has died down, I am finally excited about my new gadget. Specifics: A Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet: 8.5" x 5.3" active area. 512...
  13. azzu

    Samsung's new SGH-i78

    Samsung is gearing up for another Windows Mobile phone release. The SGH-i78 is Samsung’s Wi-Fi and GPS-enabled mobile that will run on Windows mobile v6.0. The i78 has a large TFT Touchscreen with a 320 x 320 pixel resolution and 65K colors. But what makes it stand out is the 'Optical Mouse'...
  14. Z


    my computer has started to hang when everything is perfectly running....there will be no tasks running nearly nil usage....and then it comes to a halt....even mouse pointer does not move,alt-ctrl-del doesnt work....i have scanned the disk for viruses using avast....whats the problem.....
  15. dOm1naTOr

    speaker make my pointer crazy...soln needed.

    I have a strange solution. Whenever I play some games or play movies, the mouse pointer goes crazy. My woofer was on same table's lower support. The whole table wud vibrate at high volumes. So i kept my woofer on floor and now also at high volume my mouse goes crazy duo to table vibration. Im...
  16. webgenius

    Wierd mouse pointer movement

    I have a Samsung Anyzen optical mouse. Many a times the mouse pointer keeps moving on its own. What's the problem?
  17. desmond_315

    gcc toolchain building error...

    i get the following error while building the toolchain src/gcc-4.0-20060817/libiberty/regex.c:8242: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type /src/gcc-4.0-20060817/libiberty/regex.c:8243: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type /src/gcc-4.0-20060817/libiberty/regex.c:8244...
  18. ~It_is_Andrew~

    weird mouse problem- please suggest

    weird mouse problem- please suggest (& also suggest a good mouse to buy) Hi, I am having a weird mouse problem. I have a A4 tech ball mouse (PS2) for more than 2 years , its been really good & have taken much tortures. For past few weeks 1) the mouse pointer was getting stuck suddenly...
  19. L

    mouse pointer randomly moves

    hi, my mouse works fine... except when i am working, suddenly it gets shifted to some other position on screen... i couldnt figure out the reason for that happenings.. but its bugging really. and its sort of random... its not like the option we use for setting the pointer to hte "ok" button...
  20. Kalyan

    a "mouse" to catch

    Hai.. i used an Intex ps2 Optical scroll mouse. one day, when i started my computer up in Windows XP, the mouse pointer jumped from one place to the other automatically and right clicked(opened the menus) and i couldnt control my mouse. so, i restarted the computer again and this...
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