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  1. F

    Problem in Ubuntu 12.10

    i am a new user of ubuntu, i have just installed ubuntu from the digit cd. But i dont know how to install softwares in the cd on ubuntu 12.10. plzzz help
  2. G

    Best Smartphone in budget of 30-35k!!...mobile must support 4G feature!

    I want to buy a basic 4G (india)smart phone ....under the budget of 30-36k!! suggest some gud one plzzz 8-)
  3. S

    Games of Android

    Guys, I have Recently Bought Micromax A45 because my previous phone (Galaxy 5) was stolen. I am facing problems of many games. As its A HVGA Phone I downloaded many games for it but out of that only Assassins creed altaiir's chronicles, asphalt 5, pes 2011, pes 2012 are working, the rest are...
  4. S

    Lost Android Device

    Guys please help my android mobile phone has been lost today in the afternoon and I want it back, is there any way to locate my phone? My Phone: Samsung Galaxy 5 (GT-I5503) Purchased: 4th July 2011(1 year and 1 month ago) It does not have any anti theft app installed in it, I think it has...
  5. P

    Mobile shopping

    Hey suggests me shops for mobile shopping at lamington road.. Mumbai... Plzzz... Thanx..
  6. A

    Tv Tuner

    suggest me a good tv tuner either external or internal..not more than 1.5 k..i'm getting my rig today only.. plzzz hurry
  7. Bhav

    AMD or Intel

    I want to buy a new processor which one is best for me plzzz sugest AMD Phenom X6 1100T or intel core i7 - 2600k
  8. Q

    Batch Programming

    First of all i m new to this community so i m doing anything wrong plzzz notify me abt that :-| Coming to the point actually i wanted to learn some stuffs about Batch Programming and i cant find any source to learn the basics of how to make the programs on batch so if you know anything about...
  9. kool

    Google sent me mail...... is this phising? plzzz check it..

    did anyone get mail like this from google..??
  10. vinyasmusic

    mobile inside 10k

    HI ............... guys and gals ..... I need a mobile with GPS ... 3G ... WiFi .... under or just over 10k ...... The mobile should be such... which can be used in USA .... as my father would be going there shortly .... Plzzz help
  11. tousif

    ps2 doesnt accept the dvd

    hiee i got a ps2 that i have shipped from USA. but am getting a problem. when i insert a ps2 original or pirated DVD it say that "please insert a ps2 format disc" this problem is from beginning. i got just 20 days ago. i am so helpless.. so plzzz can anyone help regarding the problem...
  12. heartripple

    SE C905 as a webcam?????

    I have SE C905 and I want to use it as my webcam.....so plzzz tell me some application which can do that for me.
  13. T

    Formatting Problem!!

    I m not able to format my free space on vista home premium...There is an error saying: There is not enough space available on the disk(S) to complete this operation. Plzzz help:x:x:x
  14. N


    HP DV5 1015TX is officially discontinued .. I have checked out other models but none are even as powerful as that one.. PLZZZ suggest me any other laptop wid a compareable configuration.... Thanx in advance
  15. sagar_jxd

    Which gadget Should I Take??????????

    Hi Frnds, i'm going to buy a gadget and i'm confuse tht i should buy PS2 or PSP...........guys help plzzz which one i should buy????????five a reason also............plzzzz help??
  16. pritish_kul2


    CAn anybody plzzz send me a ringtone called teenbuzz to my mobile......i don't have bluetooth in my mobile.......interested ppl pm me
  17. D

    How To Decrypt???

    i have downloaded a movie from a torrent site [dont know the name] but when i try to play it it tells that FILE ENCRYPTED visit www.torrentpassword.org to unlock the movie. i VISITED that site also. they told me to register at one of their sponsors so that they will give me the procedure of how...
  18. dashang

    Need help for my Blog!!

    See Guys i have made a blog which contains everything free. NEED HELPS IN: 1] HOW CAN I INCREASE CTR RATING 2] HOW CAN I GENERATE MORE TRAFFIC TO BLOG i have researched on this and have signed to blogcatalog, blogexplosion but they tell to go in others blog also which is not...
  19. A

    bit comet woes

    hey , my college has blocked torrent trackers through filters also downloading of most files(ie exe,video )through idm etc has benn stopped we are feeling quite handicapped if someone cud help through any proxy or bypassing we wud be glad .... plzzz plzzz plzzz
  20. M

    Which is good Photo Sharing Website ?

    Hi, I want to post some family photos on the website. I am interested in having private gallery of the same which i will share with my friends and relatives. So i would like to know which is good website to do the so ? is kodakgallery better than picasa ?? Plzzz reply with ur expert...
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