1. Pratik Pawar

    wi-fi Router Buying advice..

    for the 1st time ever m gonna buy a wi-fi router, plzz suggest me a good allrounder router in the range of 1000-1200rs more secure, easy, stayin in a 1BHK 550sq.ft. 1 antenna wud do. gonna put in 1 corner of the house. which brand is the best, reliable? more secure.. simple entry level wi-fi...
  2. A

    need of stock Xolo A500 club music and browsers apks.....

    friendz.... i accidentally deleted the stock apks of music player and browser .......plzzz someone help me......plzz port the apks for me....... Thanx in advance......
  3. S

    need motherboard !!

    im having AMD athlon 64 x2 ddr2 ( dual core 2.2 ghz+ ddr2) S/R no - ADO4200IAA5CU this processer. i want motherboard that supports this processer. budget under 3k-3.2k. plzz suggest some motherboard. which having decent inbuild graphics plzz reply fass ?
  4. jaimin100

    how should i take long expousre with cybershot

    hello guys need some help today i have seen some long exposure pics. so i want totry with cybershotdsc630. but i dont know how should i go with it. plzz help me that is it possible or not? camera has p mode :D
  5. N

    Guys Need help purchasing a phone under 20k

    Hey guys i need a phone under 20k i've recently used a lumia 720 but no luck it's a waste of money. Just suggest me whether i shud go for grand or not.? any other phone suggestions wud help. Plzz no micromaxx nd all tht. I have to buy a phone tommorow or max by 3rd. Help plzz
  6. Harshverma

    Gaming Headset under 5k

    Plzz recommend a Gaming Headset under 4.5k (5k max) asus Vulcan , CM sirus S , Razer Electra , Tt espotrs shock , Tt esports Shock spin , Razer Orca or any other plzz help
  7. K

    Does galaxy chat is a good choice ?

    Hey friends...plzz help me out...!! iam hereby liked to buy an new mobile between the price range of ₹5,000 to ₹12,500..!! Plzz suggest me an good mobile phone in that range... And also tell me that wethear samsung galaxy chat B5330 is an good choice ?? My expectations are Android + qwerty...
  8. R

    best Android phone under 10k and 15k

    m a engg student and , and want to buy best config android phone (under 10k and 15k) looks are not so important to me .. . but touch is ! Plzz help me out !! i viewed Sony Xperia tipo under 10k but in under 15k m not sure where to go . . . plzz suggest me .. uder both the criteria
  9. pratyush997

    DTDC Tracking blocked

    HI folks, Please help me out... I have tracking No. Airway Bill Details and its shipped via DTDC. When I try to load tracking info page it shows me this What to do...plzz Help me soon So I figured the way to get that...links provided by ebay were not working..Tried directly from the site and...
  10. G

    Need Help Want To Assemble A Gaming Computer

    This is my 1st post and this form is very cool and impressive Core i7 2600k GTX 560 Ti (ASUS) Now plzz refer me other components and whats there price I m from Punjab.
  11. N


    i want to learn c and java help me out plzz as soon as possible plz and also i m a new member of this site
  12. S

    Save as pdf file!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was using vista till last i shift to win7 . At that time i hv an option in print option "save as pdf file"..but now it wont there....which software i hv to use for that.....plzz suggest...
  13. G

    gaming laptop uto RS 80,000

    i need help in buying a gaming laptop my budget is upto rs 80,000 i need a laptop dat can play all the latest games on high graphics settings:twisted: plzz suggest me sum good laptops and i would prefer intel core i7
  14. X

    DVD menu developing

    me a complete nooooob to the programming world.... so plzz bare wid my stupid questions... Here is the situation... am preparing a DVD, which contains only mp3s and videos... Now i want to put up an interactive interface menu for accessing all these files... just like digit's DVDs have an...
  15. X

    Have FIFA 10?

    hey if any1 of u haz fifa 10 setup on their pc..plzz pm me8-)
  16. azzu

    Auto Net connection

    iam using Bsnl ul 750 plan and i usually download movies at night when i dont use the net the Problem is that here we have frequent power cuts i dont have a UPS i want a software which can automatically connect to internet as soon as my computer is up i have searched and have found nothing...
  17. A

    anyone help plzz!!

    hii facng a big lost ma vista user password.!!...i tried lot of ways bt dat all r dsn't partitn contain lot of ma files incldng ma projct files so i could't formt dat...plzz help...i need ur help...
  18. A

    Will my graphic card fit in the cabinet?

    I have bought a palit nvidia geforce GTX 285 graphics card. Will this card fit in an ATX mid tower sized cabinet/case (Coolermaster 690)?? or i have to buy a full tower cabinet/case?? plzz help!!
  19. prateek007391

    DVD ROM Driver Not found

    Some thing strange happend here When I start my PC With empty CD rom drive, my computer shows that the driver for my CD ROM is not found and I am unable to use it. Plzz help:?:
  20. bravo007

    Help me to configure new PC ( 20k-25k)

    Hello Friends !!!!!:smile: I am planning to buy new desktop PC. My budget is around 20k- 25k. Plzz help me to configure my PC with latest H/Ws in order to make it high performance PC.(Beast for multimedia, gaming, storage, speed ):-P Should i go for assembled PC or branded PC( if branded Plzz...
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