Subwoofer problem in 5.1 speakers. plz help me.

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Sir, few days back I have purchased f&d f6000 5.1 speakers from (second hand products market) as the production is stopped for this particular model. I was tempted by the reviews in flipkart and snapdeal. Plz check the specs in flipkart. So finally when I have connected to my mobile(poweramp music player), TV and computer I was totally disappointed because
the subwoofer is not produceing the any punch it is just rumbling and creating vibrations in the room. So I have downloaded
this app frequency sound generator from Playstore then I played frequency sweep then subwoofer started responding from 6hz till 50hz. from 50hz it became silent or very little response which cannot be heard then from 250hz satellites started responding.
And to my surprise when I am testing I kept my ear on tweeter it is responding from bass frequency.
So everyone here plz reply me what is the actual problem can it be fixed or it is dead.
Plz plz help me...... thank u very much


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