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  1. I

    What the duck just happened with my desktop??!!

    Hi all! Something very weird happened with my desktop yesterday evening! While watching a video on youtube, my desktop abruptly switched off. Thinking it was a PSU issue, I switched it off from its own switch as well the plug socket from the back and switched it back on. But the computer would...
  2. V

    Battery advice

    I bought a new alienware 17 yesterday :lol: I am worried that keeping it plugged in while gaming might kill the battery faster (reduce the battery life). The battery is not easily removable and the graphics and cpu are throtttled down when not plugged in. What can I do? Please help guys
  3. T

    Keeping the Power Adapter(s) plugged in. Not right?

    I don't know where to put this question. I keep my 2 mobile charging adapters, 1 laptop charging adapter always plugged in but not necessarily charging. Will this harm the adapter(s) in any way? Although, when I remove the charger from my Samsung Galaxy Ace, it displays a message in the...
  4. 6Diablo9

    How to switch audio from front port to rear port?

    I'm using a speaker(rear port) & headphones(front port), whenever headphone is plugged in the speakers turn off, and I have to pull out the pin to turn speakers on again. Is there any way I can run main speakers with headphones plugged in the front panel?
  5. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Lacie hard disk not working in win 7

    i have a 80gb lacie hard disk (uab 2.0 and 8mb cache and 5400rpm) so the issue is when i connect the usb port at the back side once it connected then i was copying a file but then my 7yr old computer strated giveing me problem so i was force to shut is down. i disconneted my hard disk . then i...
  6. rider

    1080p screen for laptop

    How to purchase separate 15.6" 1080p screen for a hp laptop? Specially the model LG-LP156WF1-TLF3. It is costing 11k on ebay (imported from US). I know it can be plugged easily on any laptop of 15.6" screen. Where to get in cheap price in india?
  7. M

    Plugged in, not charging Windows 7

    Hai friends it is not a laptop buying advice I seriously need advice on some thing I have samsung NP300E5z laptop with windows 7 64 bit os when i charge it using AC adaptor it shows 80% charged Plugged in, not charging Windows 7 i have searched over internet and found many solutions...
  8. Nipun

    Front panel audio not working

    Hey people! Today at midnight when I plugged my headphones in front panel of my CM 310, I noticed that the sound is weird. Later I realized that only background music of song is audible and lyrics are missing! When I plugged my headphones directly in motherboard/back of case, the sound was...
  9. techking_dinesh

    windows 7 lappy not booting

    Hello, I have a tablet of HP it had vista originally but i had a strange problem where my full charged battery would run down in 5 mins and my lappy wont boot up without the charger plugged in ( did nt run on battery ) so i formatted and installed win7 as its better i gt d message dat my...
  10. TheMost

    [Solved] Malware help !

    I recently plugged my pen drive into my friends PC and he had some silly malware ... I Straightaway plugged that into another friends PC which had avast and it moved that to chest ! I wanted to test my Dad's - So i restored and came home ... My Dad has NIS 2011 and that detected nothing ...
  11. ajayritik

    Usage of Emergency Lights

    Since most of you guys maybe using the Emergency lights especially during power cuts I thought would check with you on the usage. Generally we keep these emergency lights plugged into the power socket and switch it on so that when we have a power cut it turns on itself. However I wanted to check...
  12. A

    Does virtu-i mode decrease game performance?

    If I use virtu-i mode,I can save energy while browsing and so.For this the cable needs to be plugged into motherboard vga always.Does this affect game performance in anyway compared to virtu-d mode?
  13. B

    LG E2040T-PN Monitor

    Friends just bought an LG E2040T-PN 20 " Monitor. It was working about a week but then stopped displaying images. I went to the shop where i bought the monitor and they check it but it work in that shop and no problems were being detected. Then i bought it home again, but then the same problem...
  14. speedyguy

    Help: Dead pen drive : Any solution?

    Hi, My pendrive (transcend) 4gb is completely dead after using it in some infected pc in my college lab. Now even the lights dont glow up when plugged into usb. And no action on the system. Is there any hope left to retrieve data or make it work again? Thanks, Enjoy~!
  15. C

    RJ45 not getting plugged in cable

    I am facing this peuculiar problem. I installed a shielded cable for networking purpose (only 2 computers) but the cable is little thick 4 pairs are not going in the plug. I have tried many plugs of many make including d-link. I need this wire as it is very strong and good for across the...
  16. B

    new Laptop battery not charging

    Hi i bought lenovo nettop. it says "0% plugged in charging " but does not charge. Help me. Its polymer battery
  17. ╬Switch╬

    Keyboard ESC key sticking...

    I am having this problem since about a month now. Took me quiet a while to figure out the exact problem. Whats happening is that the ESC key is getting stuck and the most fascinating thing is that it persists even after I plugged my friends keyboard and also tried different operating systems...
  18. sujoyp

    Inel 865 hdd support

    Hello friends ...I want to know if my Intel 865gvhz motherboard can support two 320 gb hdd's i.e. 640gb....coz i already have a 320 gb sata plugged in and wana connect one more... Help needed...Thanks Plzzz answer needed quickely as i am gonna purchase it today itself
  19. A

    USB PenDrive Problem

    I have 8gb kingston datatraveller 100.It used to work perfectly,but recently i plugged it into my friends computer and copied some files from his pc to my pendrive.when i got home and plugged the pendrive,the files were all some kind of weird format,with a square symbol as filename.I couldnt...
  20. V

    dellstudio 1555 laptop processor gonna slow without power

    i have dellstudio 1555 laptop c2d p8600 2.4Ghz 3 Gb ram the problem is when i plugged in the power cable then my system is doing well in awesome speed but when i plug out the power cable then it goes slow .. and hd movies are not play smoothly,also game is slow down ,it seems as of the...
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