1. R

    Best DVD player for around 3k budget

    Hi, I am looking to buy a DVD player for around 3k. I will use the player to view videos mostly on my TV which is non-HD and also non LCD/LED. Hence please suggest me as to which brand and model will be best. Also I need to know what other things(compatible video file formats etc) to keep...
  2. A

    MP3 Player Needed(upto 6k)

    Hi guys I need some suggestion regarding mp3 players. One of my friend is planning to buy an mp3 player which should have an display and with 6k budget. I know nothing about Mp3's so please suggest a good one with links to purchase online. If anyone know a better place in Bangalore please...
  3. mukherjee

    Best android music player app (free)

    Recently bought the Yu Yureka phone. :lol: :-D However, it doesn't have an inbuilt music player app, uses Play music as player by default. :shock: Was wondering which is the most commonly used(recommended/best?) music app by the community here on Digit forum. 8-) Please put forward your...
  4. D

    Confused and frustrated. Is buying BlackBerry Z3 is the best solution for me? Please give opinions

    I'm currently using Gionee GPad G3. And for 512MB Ram, browser keeps crashing. My regular uses are Jetaudio player (for eq and bass boost settings), MX player and Firefox (I always use it). My last phone was Lumia and I had really problems for apps (well I'm not an app-guy). And connecting the...
  5. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on MP3 Player

    I need to gift a family member an MP3 Player with budget around 1k-3k. Primary purpose is to listen to MP3 songs and sometimes radio. Should be of decent quality.
  6. Baker

    writing mp4 files to DVD so that it can play in player

    Guys i want to write few mp4 files in to DVD and same should be worked on DVD player. so i done the following steps 1: Downloaded DVDflick 2: imported files in sequent order 3: burn the DVD 4: And tried to play from media player and it got worked This DVD was for my parents , so...
  7. R

    MKV player for Windows Mobile

    Guys please recommend me a good MKV player (preferably Free) with subtitle support for Lumia 520. I wanna watch movies with .srt subtitles. Thanks
  8. A

    no audio sound from laptop speakers

    not getting any sound while playing any audio file-while using window media player i get a msg Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.-restarting lets the audio play but again the same problem- i have a win 8 lappie.please help.problem started today-even when i use my...
  9. P

    MP3 player with .flac file support

    Hello guys, I am looking forward to buy a MP3 player which should be the best in providing output sound. Since I know that sound in .flac format are the best, so I am looking for a MP3 player with .flac file support. In case there is a MP3 player with the beast of output sound but doesn't...
  10. ariftwister

    Play Audio through multiple device at the same time

    Is there any software/App which lets you play through Headphones as well as Laptop speaker simultaneously ? The reason i want this to play a media player through Laptop speaker and playing another video player through Headphones without audio interfering. Is it possible ?
  11. bssunilreddy

    Enemy Front (PC,PS3,XBOX) Release:10-06-2014

    Enemy Front brings World War II devotees a gripping FPS experience with advanced visuals and a richly interactive combat sandbox gameplay experience. The game gives the player full freedom to own their playing style: run & gun, stealth, subterfuge -- all are viable approaches to win this...
  12. R

    How to connect old speakers to PC which dont have 3.5mm jack

    I need to do some creative experimenting if I can use my set of Samsung Speakers on PC ( not sure if working ). It has 2 inputs which are marked RED and BLACK like it used to be in my old DVD player speakers. Only possible connection is to connect Electrical wires. How Can I use this with my...
  13. RCuber

    HDMI Cables Needed

    Hi Guys, I need two HDMI cables. Can you please recommend few good and affordable ones? Braided cables preferred. budget is 300-500 per cable. Need to connect a Set-top box and also a media player. my Sony Bluray player came with a stock cables, didn't check the quality, if its not good I...
  14. A

    reliable dvd player

    my sony dvd dvp sr 750 brought 2 years ago conked off-my little children might have fingered it-the sony service centre now tells me that its beyond service cover and has asked me to sent them the ooriginal bill where they are ready to give me 30 % discount on purchase of another new dvd player...
  15. B

    Video download from Youtube is without audio.

    If I play the file in the browser, there is no audio problem. But if I download it from youtube using the site keepvid or the software Xilisoft or 4K video downloader, there is no audio at all. I have tried playing it in Media Player Classic, VLC and Windows Media Player, but to no avail. I've...
  16. R

    Screen Capture using VLC Media Player

    There are number of Screen Capture software’s available on the Internet such as CamStudio or Bandicam which can used to record your desktop activity. Screen Capture software’s plays an important role if you are a blog or an online teacher, since it can be used to create video tutorials. Many of...
  17. A

    Windows media player not working

    helo frnds, Windows Media Player on pc not play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on my computer. Where can i get a free DVD decoder compatible to Windows media player using window 7 Pl give websites where i can download the plug in. pcu-intel 3220 mobo-...
  18. sandynator

    Cowon's Open Box Clearance Sale...

    Guys Cowon is conducting Open Box Clearance Sale of few DAPs Here is the condition mentioned by them "The player listed is open box unit used for demo or samples. There are minor scratches on the body of the player. Cowon India will offer a 3 months product functioning warranty...
  19. srkmish

    Sansa E250 Mp3 player review

    Ok, this model is long outdated but i had to review this as i love all tech and i love sharing my experiences with tech. So i dropped my sansa clip plus sometime earlier and the on/off switch got recessed and there is no way to turn it on physically now ( This is a common problem with the...
  20. R

    Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac/Windows 1-Year Licence for Free

    Product Page: Leawo Blu-ray Player - NO.1 Region Free Blu-ray & DVD Player Software Giveaway Page: Leawo 2013 Christmas Offer - Get Blu-ray Player Free,Video Converter Ultimate & iOS Data Recovery with only $9.95, Up to 85% Off & Buy One Get One Free Note: This Offer will be end on Dec. 26th.
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