1. meetdilip

    Suggest a lite mp3 player

    hi, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and using Winamp to play mp3. I am a great fan of Winamp as it is very simple and easy to use. I use it only for mp3 and have the latest version. But the latest version seems to be resource hungry and after upgrade to Firefox 7.0.1 (my stupid decision) both...
  2. mithun_mrg

    Play Starcraft 2 starter edition for free

    guys here is the link access to first five single player missions & mutiplayer u need to be online though *;jsessionid=0E2D1E51ADDA9F5FEABF2A0854CEFF39.blade34_03_bnet-mgmt
  3. sujeet2555

    media player suggestiona

    i am going to buy a media player to play media files from my pc to tv . which of media players are good for my needs. i don't have a wifi modem or router only the adsl modem now. wd tv live hub is out of my budget .i also have the need of extra storage space whether in form of internal hard...
  4. M

    DVD Player??

    Guyz.. Do any one have experience with local DVD player?? Which one is good?(With Full features)
  5. ajayritik

    PMP or Tablet or Media Player or Mobile

    Guys I was thinking of buying either PMP or Tablet or Media player or mobile. The budget is not more than Rs 10k. I found some cheap tablets in US sites for around $168 which should not be a bad deal.
  6. B

    HD Media Player WD v/s Iomega v/s Amkette

    Am looking to buy HD media player...I have shortlisted Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link MX : Price: Rs 3,900 approx, WD TV live : Price: Rs 3,000 approx, Amkette Flash TV HD : Price: Rs 3,800 approx. Storage is not an problem for me as I have WD 1TB. And also I am not looking for LAN or WiFi...
  7. M

    Please Suggest

    I have a portable DVD player with inbuilt TV tuner which is not working. I think the motherboard is damaged. But I am very much sure that the 7" LCD screen of the player is perfectly fine. Can anyone suggest me or help me how to make use of the monitor for other purpose like using it to watch...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] radio player in visual studio 2010

    hi,i want create radio player so that i can play online radio on my radio player,rather going to its website to listen it,i want to include 4 to 5 station on radio player,i heard that making radio player in visual studio 2010 is very easy to can any one help me to create radio player??
  9. J

    Suggestions for DVD Player(<4K)+Home Theatre

    Hi, I'm looking for a DVD Player with, HDMI Good upscaling without loss in quality on my Toshiba 24" FullHD LED TV DIVX Playback USB My budget is Rs. 4,000 or less. I was considering Onida HDR-5522 ATOM. But salesmen said Onida's service back-up isn't good. They ask me to go for...
  10. jkultimate

    Need a tablet or MP4 player under 15K

    One of my Friend want a new tablet or Mp4 player, mainly for viewing his videos,pictures and songs. And a lil bit gaming..! He want to carry it around. Need a large screen Which is best suited for him? Tablet or Mp4 ? Must be under 15K.
  11. sushan

    Guest OS is diabled by the CPU error in Vmware Player

    Dear all, I am facing the guest os disabled error in my laptop with windows 7 ulimate sp1 with 2gb ram and 500gb of HD;Inet dual 2core.I have installed latest version of Vmware player over previous version of the same.But whenever I have installed Linux (Backtrack 4 final),I am getting the...
  12. S

    vlc in ubuntu

    Its a very good thing that ubuntu 11.04 has allowed to use vlc media player. But I cant use 1 interface of vlc to use this,means if i play a file in vlc and and start another file then it doesnt overwrite but it is opening another vlc player. Secondly I cant drag a media file and put it on vlc...
  13. P

    The new sandy bridge dell xps

    hello friends I am looking for a laptop and so far I am only convinced by the dell new xps 15. Actually dell is my priority as they offer a three year cover warranty. The configurations are: core i7 2630QM 8GB RAM 2GB nividia 540m 500GB HDD Backlit keyboard Full HD screen and a...
  14. har

    Phone-as cheap as possible

    I want to buy a phone for basic calling(for taking to college). The cheaper the better. Would appreciate a mp3 player though ;-) Please give opinions as I know nothing about phones of this budget.
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