1. P

    pc hardware in mumbai

    titles speaks for itself. id prefer places in and around central mumbai
  2. A

    Places to Visit in Malaysia

    Hi I like to get the details about some of the best places to visit in Malaysia, anyone can suggest me
  3. ajayritik

    Planning trip to Goa this weekend

    Hi guys, i am planning a 4D/3N trip to goa. This is my first trip there. I will be travelling with my wife. So any of you TDians who have been to Goa before, and have some information/tips please share it here.... my main queries are: 1.Best places to visit 2.Whats the best mode of...
  4. bssunilreddy

    Visiting Varanasi ! Which temples or places to see? Please elobarate?

    Hai, My family is visiting Varanasi on Dec,15th.So which temples or places to see there.Anybody from Varanasi, Please tell me the places or temples there. I also need a good medium class hotel and a guide. Where to ask for I really don't know. Please provide me inputs regarding above...
  5. C

    places information

    Hi all, What is the best way to get the places information? Application needs information about streets, villages, Districts, States, and Country information. It's mobile and web application. I am not looking for map. I just need places information only. Can somebody suggest me to get...
  6. izzikio_rage

    Buying used lenses

    Hey everyone Was just checking out yesterday, looking for some old manual md mount lenses. Most of these would have to be shipped from japan or korea or USA so just wanted to know what are the places to buy old used lenses in india. I've heard of the jjmehta forums and olx and quickr...
  7. truegenius

    Victorinox swiss knife

    Hello to all I will be buying a a victorinox swiss knife that i will carry with me all the time even at college or puplic places or anyother place so i have few questions regarding victorinox swiss knife Q 1. Is it leagal to carry victorinox swiss knife eveytime and everywhere (public...
  8. Faun

    Hong Kong - 8 hours stay

    I will be stopping at Hong Kong during my transit. So, what should be the best way to utilize that time ? What places I can see there without getting lost :) I assume Indian citizens get 14 days without visa entry. Right?
  9. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    need help in buying a camcorder

    hey guys i need to buy a camcorder mainly to do a documentary .....i will be working in dark places and sunny places......still photography won't hurt but isn't a neccesity....full hd is preferred but won't go in the lacs for it.........i don't know how much these things costs so i'll put up...
  10. Prince Sinha

    My Network Places Freezes!!!

    Whenever I try to navigate to My Network Places, it freezes and afer sometimes it pops up and I find there nothing, its empty... I know that Local Area connection is working fine coz my router shows LAN and am running internet on PPPOE mode but it even doesn't show Local Area Connection.. I want...
  11. S

    help improve google/nokia maps for your location

    Im sure most of us use gps on our smartphones for navigation. however at times there are places/ landmarks that aren't listed. As most of the maps for india are user created i want to appeal to all of you to add to these maps which is very simple. Ive written an article (which im not posting...
  12. S

    Want Laptops with 40-43k

    1) What is your budget? 40-43k 2) What size notebook would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: HP, Dell and Sony b. Dislike: Everything else 4) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with...
  13. S

    How are these online property dealing websites for finding a budget apartment to rent (South Delhi)?

    I've never used these online sites before... namely, MagicBricks, 99acres etc. Anyone have any experiences? I'm thinking of getting a 1 room apartment in South Delhi, closer to my workplace. Sure, maybe the best deals may only be found through legwork, but I'm just curious. I found some...
  14. The Sorcerer

    Good places to buy DSLRs in Mumbai

    So I am buying a Canon 600D for recording videos and photo stuff. I am most likely to go to this shop somewhere in Churchgate (forgot the name :-/) but let me know any alternates. JJ Mehta and chroma seem to be selling in MRP Rs. 49,494/- but other places selling genuine sealed stuff with bill...
  15. utkarsh73

    Video playback Stuttering VLC.

    I downloaded a 720p video from Youbube and when I played it in VLC Player, it stuttered at many places. First I thought that there must be something wrong with the video. So I played another 720p video which used to run smoothly, but then again it stuttered at many places. Again I downloaded a...
  16. C

    xbox 360 query

    hey guyz i m looking for a used xbox360 console. could you please suggeset places which deal in used consoles in delhi. help wud be greatly appreciated.
  17. bijay_ps

    [SOLVED] windows 7's Recent Places problem

    here I have uploaded the screen shot of my desktop. As you can see the "Recent Places" directory is showing on desktop and there is no option for removing it also. So can anyone please tell me how to remove it from my desktop?? (Any other way then system restore).
  18. digitaltab

    3d monitor available in india

    hi, m lookin for a 3d LED monitor, which must b available in India , and affordable, FOR 3D GAMING ND 3D MOVIES PURPOSES, AT MY AMD 6870 GRAPHICS CARD. PLEASE SUGGEST , AND ALSO TELL THE PLACES TO BUY N PRICES, IN NEW DELHI/NCR REGION. I'VE SEEN LG 2342 3D MONITOR, BUT DUN KNW ABT IT...
  19. clmlbx

    Lappy under 30K

    Well I want to buy laptop under 30K. It is mostly going to use for home purpose(movies, and very light gaming). so need as best as it is possible in that budget. Brand, well I am looking for which service is easily available @ most places in India. Will Buy around Diwali Edit :- Dell and HP...
  20. ajayritik

    Do we get Earplugs in India?

    Recently moved to a new place and have to bear with lot of noise etc in the night while sleeping. I have come across something called Ear Plugs on the net which can be used to reduce the noise around us. Do we get these things in India esp in Hyderabad where I live. I googled and found some...
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