1. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Updating non-legit Windows 10

    My new laptop(which originally had DOS) has a cracked windows 10 ver 1511 installed by my local retailer. How do I update it to Redstone builds without screwing anything up? I fear using Windows update may lead to microsoft discovering the non-genuine copy. Is there any other reliable way to...
  2. D

    Is there Any pirated Windows 8.1 copy which can be update?

    Hello Guys. I heard That some of the pirated copies of Windows OS can be updated like normal Paid Windows OS. I need Pirated Windows 8.1 copy which I can update. If anyone have any idea about this please share it and share link too. Thank you.
  3. M

    Battlefield 3 Installation

    Alright so i bought battlefield 3 on origin.. I want to install it but its too big. i brought a pirated copy of battlefield 3 from my friend. Can i use that pirated copy to play the game and multiplayer because i don't want to download the game as it's too big. So will it work if i just paste...
  4. kartikoli

    Will Origin ban an account for installing pirated version game on a PC

    I want to play my BF3 (original) on a friends PC but he has pirated version of BF4 installed so i am worried if i login to my account then what will happen. Will Origin detect a pirated BF4 and ban my account? Please suggest as i dont want to get banned and lose around 7 games in my library
  5. R

    2013's Most Pirated Movies

    'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' being named the no. 1 most torrented movie of the last 12 months. It had an estimated 8.4 million downloads via BitTorrent, according to TorrentFreak. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Django Unchained Fast and the Furious 6 ‘The Hobbit’ Most...
  6. TheHumanBot

    [HELP] Not Happy With The performance of PC

    Hi, you guys helped me buid this rig http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/pc-components-configurations/169903-help-pc-config-budget-40k.html but it's not performing up to the mark like i expected. ); rendering takes ages, working in AE is smooth but rendering and BSOD's now and then while rendering...
  7. R

    How to Update Fifa13 ?

    Hey guyz i'm running pirated copy of fifa13. Can any1 tel me how to update the game with a patch as there are few bugs most noticably EMPTY STADIUMS ! I know many of you will comment on running a Pirated Version but I dont care about that, I had once bought original just to later realize that I...
  8. chaitanya2106

    Killing Piracy

    Hey all, We all are used to using pirated software from ages. We used to go to the local cd store and take a pirated copy of a movie on rent or purchase a video game. Now we have torrents and file sharing sites. We download and install Windows like its for granted. These are works of years and...
  9. D

    about ebay piracy issue

    i was browsing for some games in ebay one seller was selling like like farcry2+crysis warhead=250 rupees claiming only single player available is it pirated one .he claims he is a authorised reseller if its original how can be it so low cost please help i don't want to buy pirated one...
  10. K

    dos os asus k53sm-sx010d

    hello Asus k53sm-sx010d comes with dos at reasonable price but it come with sos if I install on it one time used cd or pirated copy of window7( the shop fromwhich I had to buy laptop is installing windows7 by themselves ) so is there any disadvantages of using piraTed version . I have android...
  11. mayoorite

    Which os is most pirated?

    On an average every indian is using or in past have used non genuine or pirated os. So let us collect data which os is most pirated? If you have used more than one then select those also.
  12. parth.khopkar96

    Do Pirated games lag?

    Is it true that pirated games lag? My friend ran gta IV (pirated) on his comp and got too much lag but when he ran an original copy it was perfect. I did not see this myself..but is it right?
  13. S

    From Pirated to Genuine Windows

    Hi I have decided to shift from Pirated to Genuine Windows. Currently I have a pirated Windows 7 Professional installed on my PC. I want to install a genuine Windows 7 Home Premium. Can some one tell me where to purchase and what to purchase? I am asking this, since there are a few options...
  14. digitaltab

    software piracy- Scenario in India

    hello everyone, FIRST OF ALL, I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I AM NOT GOING TO SUPPORT PIRACY HERE, I AM JUST TELLING PRACTICAL CONDITIONS IN INDIA AND ASKING YOUR VIEWS AND COMMENTS ON THEM. I want here a clear discussion about the pirated softwares nd games. As we all know that piracy is...
  15. pauldmps

    Pirated Android app uses shame as tool

    Source: Pirated Android app uses shame as tool | Technology | Los Angeles Times
  16. JojoTheDragon

    Guide of posting in this section

    Well, see guys. Many new members are getting banned and infracted because of a simple comment that they have pirated the game. And it really saddens me to see new members flee from the forum just because of that. And TDF needs good contributing members. Well, I won't advise anyone to pirate a...
  17. JojoTheDragon

    Guide of posting in this section

    Well, everyone see. Many new members are getting banned and infracted because of a simple comment that they have pirated the game. And it really saddens me to see new members flee from the forum just because of that. And TDF needs good contributing members. Well, I won't advise anyone to pirate...
  18. yomanabhi

    Piracy VS Open Source VS Licensed Ones!

    Hey U know I love piracy and pirated software, Games, Movies. If u are a open source user or licensed user, then don't start abusing me. Some people still using pirated things but still not accept what they are using. But I'm accepting it. There is nothing wrong in using pirated soft...
  19. nvrmndryo

    Can we play pirated games on Sony Playstation 3 ??

    I was just wondering if we can download ps3 games n play on ps3 like Xbox 360 ??? I want to play Uncharted 2 & God of war 3 ,, but I cant invest 20000 + dvds for it ...(If I can play pirated games on ps3 , i will sure buy ps3 !!)
  20. K

    <<<<windows explorer malfunction... plzzz help>>>>

    hi everyone, recently bought a new assembled pc. i made a mistake by installing the pirated version of MAFIA II, following which i am unable to open the windows explorer and read my files in the hard disk. whenever i open the explorer or my computer, previously the files suddenly...
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