1. devx

    Bent CPU Socket Pins on ASRock Z77 Extreme 4. Is it possible to replace socket ?

    While cleaning the board, few CPU socket pins got bent :cry: and I took it to ASRock service center in Hyderabad (F1 Info Solutions and Services) and they denied to repair giving me the reason that they do not accept any out of warranty board for any repair/RMA. I even sent one email to ASRock...
  2. patkim

    3.5pi 4 pole stereo jack

    Hi Friends, I was referring to samsung Tab T311 specs where it says earjack 3.5pi 4 pole stereo. I was slightly confused with this term as sansung person says 4 pole is their audio technology. does 4 pole mean 4 pins on 3.5 mm jack that includes L + R + Gnd + MIC In? would a standard stereo...
  3. abhi_10_20

    [Query] LCD monitor flickering - needs a service?

    I have a Samsung 2233SW monitor. It's been like more than two years and was working very good. Just a few days back, it started flickering - say once in 5 seconds, it blacks out and comes back right away - and this is at regular intervals. I connected it to my laptop and saw the same...
  4. bssunilreddy

    Did anybody LAPPED their AMD FX 8350 or 6300 ?

    Hai, I want to know that did anybody lapped their AMD FX 8350 or 6300. How is it done and what type of sand paper is needed to do lapping? how may times should one lap before getting a mirror finish? Can one lap also the CPU Cooler surface to decrease temps. Is there any guide to do such a...
  5. M

    TV Tuner Issue - No Audio slots

    I want to connect my set top to my Desktop PC using tv tuner box. but the problem is that my tv tuner box only has slot for video pin, no slots for audio pins. Will it work without connecting those two pins. Details about my Desktop: CRT Monitor, Intel Pentium 4, Windows XP, No graphic...
  6. V

    connection hadphone TV digsital output optical

    Now I have connected my headphone to 3.5 mm jack at the back of TV samsung LA46D550 46" someody suggested taht I can get a cable with RCA 2 pins one side and 3.5mm hack female othr side and connect one of the pins of RCA pin to digital ouput opitcal and the head phone to 3.5 mm jack end of...
  7. C

    Bent CPU socket pins - buy new MB or go with repaired one?

    The MB in question is an Asus SaberTooth Z77. When I assembled my PC, I noticed that RAM slots A1 and A2 weren't working. I took the MB to the authorized service center of Asus in India (DigiComp), and they said that a few CPU socket pins were bent and that I would have to pay to replace the...
  8. quan chi

    How to enable another HDD.please help.

    Guys i have a 80gb IDE HDD. I got another 250gb SATA hdd.Now after adding the sata when i booted windows 7 detected the HDD and gave message successfully installed the new device.But i cannot find it or it is not being shown in the hdd list.I only see those old partition of 37 and 38 gb.:(...
  9. A_ashish_A

    Usb suggestion needed

    Hello everyone I have a AM3 board. It has 4 usb ports on back and 6 usb pins inside. I have connected 2 internal usb pins with 2 front usb ports of my cabinet. Now my question is how can I use rest of 4 internal usb pins?? Where to connect to use them??
  10. newway01

    [HELP] Is this PS3 Cable faulty?

    Ok, Here's a PS3 A/V cable I got. When I connect the PS3 and turn on,it goes green for 5 seconds and then red lights flashing. Nothing comes on display. So the problem is with this cable? Are those pins broken or is it like that in your consoles? :-(
  11. saurabh_1e

    Bend pins

    Please help got my new phenom x 6 cpu pins bend please say it can be repaired ?
  12. R

    How to fix the audio pins in G965 mobo?

    In my com since the microphone was not working with frustration i removed those audio pins in the motherboard ...Now please tell me how to fix it ..I got G965 mobo I dunno whether it is imp or not ..sound is coming even though i removed but the microphone not working the audio pin diagram in the...
  13. Power_user_EX

    Does my Cooler master 600 W SMPS need grounding ?

    Hi guys - Just want to ask a question about my PSU/SMPS. I have Cooler master extreme 600W - PCAR PSU. The thing that irritates me now and then is that the power cable that came with it did NOT have an earthing or grounding PIN in it. It was just having 2 pins - the +ive and the -ive pins. SO...
  14. Optimus Prime

    dvd writer woes...

    I just purchased an ASUS DRW-1814BL dvd writer(supports lightscribe)..In my cd writer i had 4 ports.Power,IDE n audio(digital n analog)...but my dvd writer has an xtra port with 2X3 pins..dunno wat is this for...??
  15. shantanu

    How To: Make a PCI Express 6 pin Power Connector

    Written by Spode (16/Oct/04) The article is written by spode and team and i just found it usefull, so posting here. i edited the article a bit to make it upto mark for today..(the original article had some flaws)...
  16. antoniobc

    Any way to REPAIR RAM?

    Have 2 SD RAM DIMMS. They both give the long beep sound when the comp starts up. Have tried rubbing the gold pins with an eraser and used Spirit to clean em but no luck. Can anyone help me?
  17. praka123

    Brought XFX geforce7300 GT DDR-II-pls help me some doubts

    Brought XFX geforce7300 GT DDR-II dual dvi-pls help me some doubts I am yet to install my card thought to share with forum friends, I got exactly what the below link shows: a PCI-Express XFX Geforce 7300 GT with dual DVi...
  18. anarchy0x

    weird hardware problem!!

    ok now this is really weird, my motherboard intel 865 GBF stopped working suddenly 1 day, it wudnt boot so i called my mechanic, he fixed it n left it at my place, when i tried to boot up the machine the same porblem came up, i called him up n he told me that he forgot to "short" the...
  19. G

    Proc Pin Broken...

    Ok..F*** me, I know. I tried to experiment on my old **** P3 and broke some pins, I want that damn thing runnin' any suggestions?
  20. R

    Does Intel D102GGC2 MOBO has onboarb 5.1?

    Hi frnds, Can any1 tell Does Intel D102GGC2 MoBo has onboard 5.1? there are 3 pins as audio pins. Can it be like that by doing some settings/changes in the audio s/w i.e. realtek High definetion audio the line in & mic pins be converted into line out for 5.1...
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