1. K

    php help (preg_match)

    I have a problem in PHP regarding preg_match/preg_match_all funtion. This is the sample script: <?php $u_agent = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; if(preg_match('/MSIE/i', $u_agent)) $ub = 'MSIE'; $known = array('version', $ub, 'other'); $pattern = '#(?<browser>' . join('|', $known) . ')[/...
  2. A

    php help

    guys i wana learn php from home. Which version is going on? Plz help me to choose books for php & html. Other suggestions tips tracks are welcomed.
  3. P

    XAMPP installation not working properly

    Recently I have installed XAMPP version 1.7.4 on my PC. When I try to open the "localhost" on Mozilla Firefox 3 it doesn't open even after waiting for long time. Neither does "phpmyadmin". I am able to open the localhost and phpmyadmin on other browsers--IE 7and Opera 10.62. But even on these...
  4. buddyram

    How is the scope of PHP with MySQL!

    hi friends, I am planning to take up the above said course (PHP MySQL) upon my friend's advise. Please do affirm me, can i foresee any strong future/career in this field. I don't know anything more about it. Tips, Advise, Feedback & suggestions, all are welcome!
  5. D

    advice for summer training

    i am doin btech in comp sc and currently am in 4th sem. i hav to do to some course or training over this summer. I am absolutely clueless as to wht course to do. i was thinking of learning php. any advices? how will learning php help me later on?
  6. T

    Open Source

    hello guys i am new to open source technology and i have newly learned php i need the help of you guys i want to make my career in opensource technology if any 1 help me i will be really thankful to him my email id is kindly reply your posts here i have a lot of problem in...
  7. G

    How to write php variable as string

    I want to create one folder using php codebehind, say 'newfolder' and also want to create a file called 'index.php' which should contain the code I specified below. <?php $curdir = basename(dirname(__FILE__)); require_once '../template/index.php'; ?> But the problem is when I create the...
  8. Q

    SMS alert

    SMS alert to Mobile How do u send an SMS alert to mobile phone whenever u receive an email... Can this be done with php?
  9. N

    Problem while e-mail reading in php

    I am want to read email using php. I am using following code, $body = imap_fetchbody($imap, $id, "1"); echo"$body"; But it gives me unreadable message contents like, --001636af01dbc45b8d048bc1671d Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 [image...
  10. S

    any php expert:perfect pdf for hindi unicode?

    we have not been able to generate perfect pdf for a webpage in hindi unicode? the semi words are displayed in expanded form changing the meaning of word.. can any body do it.. any expert php developer can pay for it same while generating image from the hindi unicode thanks
  11. A

    php vs .net

    hye guys! i wana do a part tym job of developing projects i.e. take the project from somewhere and develp at home. am confused what techology should i choose 1. .net (WPF & SILVERLIGHT) 2. PHP in yr 2008 i hv done .net 2.0 framework. but at this tym i hv to refresh myself. I lived in punjab...
  12. Sathish

    Need perfect PHP IDE in Ubuntu

    anybody help me.?
  13. Dangerous Dave

    Need php help

    I have just started learning PHP . I am new to it. i have read of logical and bitwise negation in the book that i have bought. I am not able to understand it and following php code. <?php $num1=25.59; $num2=30; $num3=(~$num1)+(!$num2); echo "The sum of Bitwise number 25.59...
  14. udaydeep_1990

    PHP Institutes in Delhi

    Hey guys, I am planning to do a course in PHP, and for that i'll go and check various institutes next week. But I don't know which institutes to go and what to judge them upon.... If anyone of you has had any past experiences in a PHP course pl tell the various options available...
  15. Sathish

    Dark side of PHP ?

    I am totally new guy to php and i am at learning level in PHP and PostgreSQL. recently i have heard such things about PHP while comparing wiht Java and end with lot of confusion. most of professionals (inluding my friend) opined that PHP is - Unprofessional, Basic and ametruish lanugage -...
  16. M


    I am looking a way to set a configuration setting in and I wonder if there is any way to set a config file in php as well....please suggest me a method to set config in php like we do in
  17. A

    Help needed - planning a career as a web developer

    Hi all , I am here with my so many doubts about my future career . I need suggestions from IT professionals and geeky here . I am keen interested in web application development . I am doing MCA from IGNOU . I have a basic knowledge of web designing ,html , php , mysql , linux etc . Now coming to...
  18. walkmanguru

    Best book to learn PHP And MySQL?

    Which is the Best book to learn PHP And MySQL from scratch... (object-oriented)
  19. S

    xampp problem

    i have installed xampp on my windowsxp sp2 machine everything is installed correctly but php is not working the .php files are executed by the browser but php code is not parsed i have tried to change httpd.conf file but then apache fails to start what should be done to correct this problem...
  20. astroutkarsh

    Server Linux

    Hello All, We need to setup a Linux server. Currently we are using Fedora but we are facing few problems Hence we are planning to setup new one. What Linux OS I should go for ? Main purpose is 1. Website (PHP + MySQL + WAMP etc) 2. SQUID Proxy. Thanks in advance.
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