1. D

    project in php under linux platform??/

    Hello friends, I am doing php under Linux platform, can any one of suggest about what projects i can take on under this platform...
  2. R

    problem distribution application developed in php

    hi I have developed a payroll software using Mysql and php, my problem is that i want to sel it someone, but am afraid we will able to see entire source code, and may even then sell it someone else. can u tel, how can i keep my source code secure so that will not able to see souce code...
  3. V

    Getting stucked with developing website - Please help

    Hi Guys, I'm web designer by profession, but haven't done database related web development. And now i'm going to do that also, so need your help. I'm designing a website of an organisation. Now, these organisation had a trustee all over the world, it means the website will be seen by the...
  4. S

    PHP Book

    i want to learn PHP, so start suggesting a book, while suggesting keep in mind i dont know a thing and want to learn from the scratch. i had asked earlier but i cant find that topic or i cant seem to search properly
  5. B

    help with PHP

    ok guys... I've got PHP Designer 2005, I've got a guide to teach me PHP, but It's a server side scripting lang.... And i cant hell figure it out to configure Apache to see my .php files.....Can you please suggest some sort of better program to view my .php files..........Plzzzzzzzzzzz...
  6. piyush gupta

    PHP Tutorial Urgent

    I need to learn PHP from start Can anyone tell me best PHP tutorials avail online From Begninner to Expert
  7. M

    php issues : script timeout

    Hi there, We are creating a solution in php / mysql where we are displaying about 1000 rows of information. With the default php coding, the system tries to get all the information from the mysql database and then display it in one go, this causes it to timeout. We are looking forward to...
  8. T

    How to load php scripts in apache

    hi guys I have recently setup apache server on my pc with all necessary modules like mysql, php4.1 etc. Now i want to load php scripts on my apache server. Can anybody guide me step by step how to setup scripts like contact form etc in apache server (I want to create online database). I am...
  9. ramprasad

    Error with php - WinXP and IIS

    Hi I have installed Win XP SP2 along with php 5.0. The installation script has already configured IIS for php extension. I have a virtual directory which maps to address *prasad/php. I have a php file hello.php in the Virtual DIrectory. When I enter the URL as...
  10. A


    Well I want to know how can I set the META tags and all to improve my site rating in search engine. Also I am on linux based hosting. Everypage is in php. Really worried since I am not getting any links on the BIG G and yahoo and all. Let us discuss some things on SEO here. Also...
  11. R

    Free ASP & PHP AD FREE Webspace

    Hi all, Can anyone suggest me a site offering, More than 30MB webspace Asp PHP FTP Access No Adds, Text link will work Database support I want to start a portal which for community site Please anyone help me
  12. bukaida

    php login script

    Can anyone provide me a simple php login script along with the login form? Also it will be very kind of you if you can tell how to link it with my index.html. I am a newbe to php.I have apache 2, php 4 and mysql4.0 under windows 2000 with sp4.
  13. T

    E-commerce questions

    hi friends, I have some queries about E-commerce sites.Plz help 1. If i have an E-commerce site and i sell products online how can i be sure that the credit card no. given by the customer is valid and has not expired. 2.How can i be sure that the credit card no. has not been tampered with...
  14. R

    PHP site

    Hai to all, I have downloaded MDPRO from * and uploaded all extracted page to 100megaspace free server which supports PHP. But could not open my index page. whenever i open the page it shows page could not desplayed. please help in is there any coonections or other terms...
  15. G

    PHP Nuke 7.9 problems

    I bought PHP Nuke 7.9 and edited the config.php file just as Digit explained. Now, do I have to upload the files just like that to the www folder of my web server? But then how will it work without any index.*** file in the root folder? :cry:
  16. EinSTeiN

    Good webhosts

    I want to host a website and that too for free. I want to know if there is any free hosts which offer mysql and php support??
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