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Hi all , I am here with my so many doubts about my future career . I need suggestions from IT professionals and geeky here . I am keen interested in web application development . I am doing MCA from IGNOU . I have a basic knowledge of web designing ,html , php , mysql , linux etc . Now coming to the point i want to shape up my career with a specialisation . I have a choice of either jsp i.e java environment and php . As i am learning through distance education i have no great guide for learning except net . Can i tackle java nicely without a teacher ? Jsp i have to learn it in upcoming sem . Whats the scope in php ? Some open source projects are great like eye os . Please put ur suggestions php is best or jsp is best . Thanks .


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JSP is still widely used for mainstream projects.

PHP has some security issue if not optimized properly, so not many companies use it for website development.

IMO, go for JSP...


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since you have the basic knowledge of php,linux,mysql. it will be easy for you to move in opensource.
you want to move in web designing.. there are many applications for that *,*,* etc..... where you can create nice web applications

when compared commercial tools and open source tools..

open source has many tools and lot of options (becoz you have the code)


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open source ROCKS! :)


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I am working as a web designer for past 6 yrs and i can tell you it is always better to learn JSP. It will help you getting a nice job or even freelance.

Top MNCs always prefer JSP and PHP is hardly used anywhere these days.


Thanks all , Anyone more like to tell .I want to know the Basic learning process with Java environment . Some one figure it up where to start up how to grow deep down in technology with java . I have only core idea . Any professional like to guide here . As i am doing learning by self study , if someone here who did the same i mean learning java with selfstudy its just motivation for me . PHP is easy what about java ? Can someone tell how much minimum time you put for leaning JSP and all .
Thanks .


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I will also suggest you to go for JSP, infact learning Java web services side by side would be a plus. PHP is not bad but being it an old technology used in web creation, there is a great competition.
I'm not much into PHP and as compared to Java, learning PHP seems tough to me. JSP can be learnt by self study if you know basics of core java or C++. Syntax is more or less similar but you need to practice a lot. I too completed MCA from ignou in 2005.. :)


The Photoshop Guy is also coming up nicely these days.. you can have a thought about .NET technologies too.. I am too a .NET proffessional working for a MNC..

and it is pretty good..

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let me clear one thing
JAVA has not taken a birth as a web technology , it was intentionally designed for device communication By James Gosling.
And if we talk about PHP and .Net , they were specially launched as a web technology.

Any way following disscusion thread may help you a lot.

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