1. crazylamhe

    PHP vs J2EE

    hi all, This summer I did a course on J2EE, topics covered were JSP and Servlets, and an introduction to EJB. I am currently in the 3rd year, pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology. I have heard from my friends that PHP is a language which is easier to learn and implement, as also PHP...
  2. B

    Mid-Career Crisis

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to this site.I find this site very interesting and joined with great hope of getting some positive & good advices from all of you friends,as to how to get out of this dangerous loop in which i am now in!! :-( I am 34+ yrs old and was working in a pharma sales...
  3. cute.bandar

    Quick cron question

    hi would this cron entry run every monday, wednesday , friday at 3AM ? and will the following run everyday at 7 and 12 AM ? Just confirming .. ty
  4. T

    Requesting Help in PHP Zend Certification Institute

    Hi All, This is tamilmani mohan . I am new user for this forum. I have plan to do PHP zend certification. Is there any authorized PHP zend training center in chennai , India? If any one knows , please update me. May be it will helpful to me. Thanks Tamilmani Mohan
  5. A

    guide for parsing mdx queries in php

    Hi we got a MS SSAS server and a report portal called cubes installed in office. Now i do know to generate mdx queries but not sure how to connect and what steps need to be performed so that i can use mdx queries in php scripts same as i use normal queries. Some guidance is kindly advisable...
  6. mohityadavx

    PHP script not working on XAMPP

    I have a PHP script which works well when I upload it to my website but it is very resource heavy and mys site is on free hosting so I dint wanna use it there so I tried to run it on XAMPP ( I am using college wifi hence high bandwidth) However when I try to run the PHP script I get this error...
  7. B

    URL Rewrite without using .htaccess

    Hello everyone,How can i change the url when I am navigating from one page to another. for example if the existing url is like "" ,I want to change it to "" But I dont want to use .htacces. How can I...
  8. mohityadavx

    javascript pass variable next page

    Well i am having a problem. i have made a form and on clicking the submit button, javascript validation is done to check all fields are correctly filled or not. Now the problem is I want to use these entered variables so the only way remains is redirect the page to next page after clicking...
  9. hjpotter92

    PHP + JavaScript PopUp Windows

    On my page, the following function has been created: <SCRIPT language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function popModData( modName ) { var url = "./modList.php?mod=" + modName; newWindow = url, modName...
  10. mohityadavx

    Website Problem

    Well one of my friend is developing a website he knows decent HTML bit of css, javascript and php (he is learning them he is in his 1st year only). Now the thing is he made a php website created a form in it taking user input. Suggest a way to accept data in a form and then we want after...
  11. RBX

    Reading Wrox for PHP

    I've started learning PHP and found that people prefer Wrox from an old thread of this forum. My question - Is this book really reliable ? The page 55 here says that $path in setcookie() is used to define path where the cookie is stored. I tried experimenting to store cookie at a custom...
  12. blackpearl

    Books on web development

    Please suggest me some good books on web development. I know HTML and CSS but I want to learn PHP and server scripting. Basically, I want to hack together my own scripts to do stuff. I'm tired of searching for ready made scripts for every simple tasks, and then realizing that they don't work...
  13. A

    autofill username/password popup from a php script

    HI we got a internal site which pops up a window to autofill username/password. That page is made in jsp. Now i got a php script to get the data from that site. Problem is i need to bypass the pop window or else it gives me auth errors. I already have username/password with me.
  14. A

    making pivot style table in php

    Hi am new in php and am developing an interface for our team. now here is some bottleneck i need to eliminate. Following is my code example $results1=pg_query("select rpc.productkey, rpc.actiontype, rpc.rate from mytable1 rpc, mytable2 r where rpc.resellerid=r.resellerid and rpc.resellerid in...
  15. S

    leave planner web based

    please help me in making leave planner (web based) so that i could manage the leave of our staff. may be in php
  16. H

    send mails using php

    i need to send mails using do i do that?
  17. cyborg007

    CakePHP or just PHP

    Hey Friends, I need your advice urgently First about me so that u can advice correctly, I am a B.Tech CSE and having good knowledge of ASP.Net, SQL Server, CSS, JavaScript-JQuery,AJAX, LINQ. I now want to expand my knowledge in the field of OpenSource Technology viz. PHP + MySQL...
  18. buddyram

    Web2Project Tool!

    Hi PHP guys, Has anyone been exposed to Web2Project tool so far. I need the guidance in using it.
  19. buddyram

    Eclipe IDE for PHP

    Could anyone suggest a link to configure the Eclipse IDE for PHP! Thanks in Advance
  20. S

    Php query

    hai friends, i have written a code in php to output a data in my webpage by taking the data from mysql database. The data I want to be formatted as tabled output . I have written a html page which takes the employee id and furnish the details of that employee. please help me how could...
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