1. R

    Need help finding a hosting service for my project

    Hi all, I developed a dynamic website and looking for help finding a web hosting service with server preferably in USA/India. 1. I developed my website using PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap CSS, PHP SwiftMailer technologies. So I am looking for a hosting service that supports these technologies. 2. I...
  2. S

    What should I choose as a payment system on my client's website?

    So guys, I'm doing a website. My client does some digital tutorials and sells some digital products. Both of them related to CGI. Digital products includes, but not limited to plugins/template for Nuke, Adobe AE, Autodesk Maya. Too much of meta talking now let's proceed to real talk...
  3. quicky008

    Advice needed on choosing the right career path for a friend.

    There's a friend of mine who happens to be a MCA graduate and is nearly 30 years old.He aspired to be a software developer,but after completing his mca in 2015 he was finding it difficult to get any jobs in this field,so he decided to undertake a course in php development from a shady kolkata...
  4. D

    Enquiry about JAVA,CSS,XHTML,PHP books for BEGINNER.

    Hello guys. Am trying to learn Web Designing of my own with the help of Tutorials and Books. It's just a hobby. I learned some Basics about XHTML and CSS. Now I have few months so thinking to learn JAVA, PHP and wanna revise XHTML and CSS too. Suggest me some Freeware good books for Beginners...
  5. buddyram

    SYmfony2 Apache Download file Issue

    I have written a Symfony2(PHP MVC Framework) script to download a zip file from the server. But the file download stops in the midway. I have increased the max_execution_time in apache configuration. Still the problem is persisting. Do anyone have the quick fix for this? Thanks in advance.
  6. M

    Help in php website

    I need to know after learn php from w3shools i want to learn how php code used when we design website with (css,html) , i want website that learn and do practice step by step process for developing php website
  7. T

    php database connectivty

    Hey, I am a newbie to php programming i need help with database connectivity, i need to use a single file which will contain database connection in all other pages. Is there any example ? What i am trying to do is <?php $sql_host = 'localhost'; $sql_user = 'root'; $sql_pass = ''...
  8. M

    what next after CSS

    hello im learning css i want to know what language sould i learn for be come web developim thinking to start php bt many people say php is hard to learn compare with t what to do? And also want to learn after developing website how can i host the website and how much i can earn.
  9. T

    Send mail via Contact form PHP

    Hi, I am not able to send mail via contact form developed in php. Reference Free, simple, PHP based email contact form Is there any other way round to do this? EDIT : It worked for me, there was a mistake in my code. There was no need to configure. Thanks techlearn
  10. M

    job in compney other then devloper or technicel

    Hello im new here hello to all im ignou mca 3rd year student i recently completed PGDCA(1year all paper of mca) but in my place there is not even on IT company in (kutch) and im also havent learn php asp web releted language its seem very hard, then quetion is what kind of job i cen get in...
  11. gdebojyoti

    Displaying last 'N' posts by friends & me | PHP-MySQL

    Hello. I want to display the latest 'N' posts made by my friends and me in my home page. Now there are 2 tables in the database related to this. One of them is "friends" (list of members who are my friends can be obtained from this table). The other is "updates" (all the status updates are...
  12. buddyram

    New Linux Server Setup for PHP/JAVA/MySQL

    All our files from the current server has to be ported to the new linux server. And now prior to that the server has to be setup along with PHP, Java, Apache & MySQL installations. Can i get some guidance on this setup as this is our first experience. thanks in advance
  13. S

    java applet to php server communication

    Hello everyone I have an japplet. I want to do the following with this applet Whenever a user click on a button i want to pass a variable to a php server. the server will check this value with the stored value in database if true return true if false return false. Now based on this return...
  14. cute.bandar

    Intel G-2010 reviews ?

    I can't find any reviews for Intel's g-2010 proccessor. Does anyone have any idea how to compares to G645 ? Also for say php development, what is the performance difference a g-2010 and an i3 3220 ? Thanks
  15. C

    What does Type jungle mean in PHP ?

    Hello Buddy, Could you explain what is type jungle in PHP ?
  16. R

    php date functions

    simple date functions
  17. C

    What is the importance of output buffering in PHP?

    Hello buddy, I would like to know what is the importance of “output buffering in PHP”?
  18. C

    Is it possible to execute a PHP script using a command line?

    Could you explain how to execute a PHP script using command line ?
  19. C

    online php training

    please tell me how can i got trng on php online
  20. B

    language for Web development

    hello frnds.. Which one is best language for web development in ASP.NET or PHP.?
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