Enquiry about JAVA,CSS,XHTML,PHP books for BEGINNER.

Hello guys. Am trying to learn Web Designing of my own with the help of Tutorials and Books. It's just a hobby. I learned some Basics about XHTML and CSS. Now I have few months so thinking to learn JAVA, PHP and wanna revise XHTML and CSS too. Suggest me some Freeware good books for Beginners. And if u can provide me link (link for pdf books) also, that will be more than best answer. :-D


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You can learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and other Web Development stuffs from W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

For Java, I'd suggest get Head First Java (English) 2nd Edition - Buy Head First Java (English) 2nd Edition by Sierra, Kathy|Author; Bates, Bert|Author; Online at Best Prices in India - Flipkart.com
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