What should I choose as a payment system on my client's website?


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So guys, I'm doing a website. My client does some digital tutorials and sells some digital products. Both of them related to CGI.

Digital products includes, but not limited to plugins/template for Nuke, Adobe AE, Autodesk Maya.

Too much of meta talking now let's proceed to real talk.

Doing the payment system is a mess. Mess because my client has user base from India as well as outside India. If he had only users from India, I could have done "Pay with PayTM". If he had users only from outside India, Pay with PayPal was the option.

I can't do PayTM outside India because it's simple not worldwide available. And I can't do PayPal thing for Indian because most people in India have a debit card and not credit card. And most debit card India has no international payment enabled. (I can say this because I can't buy any subscription on international sites, e.g. treehouse.com, can't load money on paypal.com, etc etc, from my both SBI and BOI debit cards.

What other options are available? Which could not be problem with both the audiences?

Please ask for extra info if necessary.


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Have a look at PayU gateway. It supports Indian cards as well as International cards. I have used it before. But their API documentation is crap.

If possible, Add PayPal too. Let the user decide which gateway to use.

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I have nearly tested and used all of the top payment gateways available from Indian companies. I'll suggest you to choose one from PayU Money, CCAvenue or Citrus. Go for the one which charges the lowest fees on the payments. Avoid EBS due to high charges. You can use Instamojo if you want a more simpler solution. I found the simplest to be Instamojo out of all. You can get the account open fastest with Payumoney or Instamojo as the documentation/verification process is the easiest.

BTW, none of the Indian providers support recurring payments due to RBI laws. We're using 2checkout as our primary gateway as we have monthly/yearly packages for our HMS service. *www.handlemysite.com. We need to pay high charges [around 10% including charges, international charges, foreign exchange] but that is the most hassle free way. We use paypal for all other requirements and Instamojo for accepting payments from few Indian clients.

Regarding API, you won't face any issues if you are planning to use a popular cms for the site as most of the providers have direct integration support.

I hope the above information helps you.


I think you will have to setup with Indian banks for recurring payments. I think HDFC and Axis has option in netbanking to setup recurring payments.
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