Need help finding a hosting service for my project


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Hi all,
I developed a dynamic website and looking for help finding a web hosting service with server preferably in USA/India.
1. I developed my website using PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap CSS, PHP SwiftMailer technologies. So I am looking for a hosting service that supports these technologies.
2. I prefer windows than linux as I am not familiar with Linux.
3. Might send emails to about 1000-2000 registered people per day, not in the initial days though but slowly once people register in my site. I heard GMail allows only upto 500 recipients per day. So I am looking for hosting service that allows this range for me.
4. Price range: budget; Since this is not a business project, I won't be earning anything from it. It will all be from my pocket. So looking for something like <$5 per month.
Could someone recommend any hosting services meeting all these requirements?
Thanks in advance.


1 and 2. You are looking for Windows but PHP/MySQL work better on Linux and use less resource than windows.

3. If anyone will mark it as spam then it will be expensive for hosting provider, 1k to 2k email is not normal and this requirement change everything and you will need to find a bulk email hosting plan instead of shared hosting since shared hosting company does not allow to send bulk email.

4. If you will not send 1000 - 2000 email then your budget is good otherwise you will be need to raise your budget to $20 or $30/mo for mass mailing/spamming.


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If all your mailing addresses are in subscriber list, you can use a professional service to do it. Something like MailChimp, Feedburner etc
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