Camera for low light photography


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What's your budget?
Rs 10,000 max

Camera type?
Point and Shoot

Body Style?

How much zoom do you
more than 10x or more

Do you care for manual exposure controls?
yes if possible

What will you be shooting with this
Nature Photography and Family Photos (picnic spots).

Will you be shooting mostly indoors/low light and/or action/sports? Video?
Indoor photography ( low light ).

Do you have any particular model(s) in your mind?

Canon Ixus 255, Fujifilm FinePix S4800 ad S6500 if available under budget (You can suggest other also if it comes under my budget)

Any brand preference?
Canon, Sony and Nikon

From where will you be buying?
Local store or online

Any other features you
Bright Natural Colors and Full hd Video recording.

I am thinking of buying camera coz of discounts available online these days :-D but there is no urgent need. I am going to learn photography with this camera.
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Bro seriously below 10k all the camera are very very similar ...I think the cheapest low light cam is Nikon p330 have slightly bigger sensor and all the manual settings needed


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Yes, that's the best one can get in this budget. "Budget" determines everything here...


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^ Probably you may not find WX150 ;) online as it's getting out of stock or the online seller selling at higher price. That leaves IXUS 255 to pick :)
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