1. A

    Point & Shoot Compact Camera under 10K

    I have a W610 which someone is ready to buy for 5.3K. I want to spend that money on a better compact Camera offering low noise, good low-light shots & 720p Recording. I dunno anything about photography except the meaning of megapixels. I am interested to learn to basic things to become a...
  2. utkarsh007

    Photography with Galaxy Note..

    hey ery1.. i hav galaxy note nd these dayz i am fond of photography.. can ny1 tell me a nice app to take good pics frm mah galaxy that can somewhere be compared to a dslr... presently i have these apps for photography installed: camera 360 vignette magic hour camera hdr
  3. sriharsha_madineni

    Need a travel tripod for Lumix FZ150

    Hi guys, after months & months of thinking between a bridge camera or dslr, I finally decided to get a Lumix fz150 for practical reasons. Now comes the dilemma of choosing a tripod. I intend to use it only for some night photography & long exposure shots, other than that I won't be using a...
  4. echoplxx

    Feedback and Preview [November 2011]

    November issue highlights Everyone's a Gamer No matter what your gender, age, or bank balance, you are a gamer! Cover stories 10 free games everyone must play Gaming: A social network? Why it sucks to be a gamer in India How India wasted 700 crores this year 30+ Motherboards tested...
  5. S

    Digital camera to buy

    Hi, I am planning to buy a digital camera. Which is the best brand to buy? I have already used Canon's A5. Its lens has gone bad and so planning to buy a new one. My budget limit 10K -12K. If it is too gud, I can go upto 15K max. My usage of camera is take photos/videos of my Kid...
  6. S

    Photographic/Professional camera near 10k

    I think I can't have a dSLR camera between this range, can I? I will be using this in outdoor shooting. Here are some points that might help you helping me : 1. I will be using that for stock photography or will take help in my photoshopping. 2. There is very less chance that I would be using...
  7. A

    entry level tripod suggestions?

    hey all... can someone please suggest an entry level tripod for photography..? thanks..
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Getting the best out of a cheap P&S

    Around a year back, dad bought a spanking new "high-end" canon camera when he went on a trip to singapore. It was the Canon IXUS 105. As is pretty obvious, this is one of the cheapest half-decent cams you can buy today. Anyway, I'm stuck with this for another 2-3 years. So until then I plan...
  9. A

    jaipur trip

    Hi, am going to jaipur. should i take the 18-55 lens or the 55-200 lens.. or both ? any tips for photography there..
  10. RaptorX

    Digicam Recommendations (less than 12k)

    Hi, I'll be taking my vacation in September and will be traveling to multiple places. I currently don't own a digicam. Not sure about the best models in the market. This camera will be my goto party and travel camera. Everything from family photos to outdoor landscape pictures will be...
  11. C

    around 5000, a decent camera for occasional pics...

    Please suggest me a nice camera around 5000(not a very strict budget). My previous camera was Sony Cybershot DSC-S2000, and I was quite satisfied with it. I am not an enthusiastic person about photography, I will use it only in school trips(2-3/year), other trips(2-3/year), parties(hardly once a...
  12. D

    need information about DSLR and macro lenses

    hello :smile: I hv just registered in this forum and this is my first post in here :smile: ... first of all, i'm a newbie in photography and have little experience about the camera and photography details... though i have experiences of using a SLR bt that was years ago(my fathers analog SLR)...
  13. A

    entry level camera for nature photography

    hello people! (my first post :smile:) i want to buy a entry level camera for nature photography . As i am just an amateur, the only things which concerns me are good zooming capabilities , decent picture quality and of course low pricing . suggestions? thnaks..
  14. Raaabo

    READ FIRST: Thread starting tips

    When posting in this forum, remember the following: What should be posted here: If you're looking to buy a camera, camcorder, accessories for photography, lenses, flashes, cases, et al., and even if you're buying software for touching up, stitching panoramas together, etc, all of it is fair...
  15. Cool G5

    Weekend Photography in Mumbai - Need Participants

    I'm passionate about Photography. Till now, its only me & myself who has been doing all the photography alone, reading articles on photography & enriching my knowledge on my own. But as you know it can get very tiring for a lone person to go out & click. So I would like to invite you all to join...
  16. INS-ANI

    The Photography Thread

    "Got a cam? want to use it? DOn't know how how to? sitting IDLE..." Well..thats how you identify a potential wanna-be-photographer. Many of us will be having interest in photography and here's an opportunity to share our experiences. I am soon going to upload some of snaps i took and these were...
  17. go4saket

    Photography Classes...

    Hi guys! I am absolutely new in the field of Photography but am very interested to learn. Can you please guide if of some good institute where I can learn this art. I need a short course thats for beginners, some thing like a every day class of 7-10 days. Mumbai or HYD is what suits me the...
  18. go4saket

    Which DSLR from Canon/Nikon should I buy?

    Hi guys! I am an absolute starter in the field of Photography. Infact I am not a photographer but like photography as a hobby, not profession. At present I have a Sony P200 P&S camera and am planning to buy a DSLR either from Canon or Nikon with a budget of Rs.20000 to Rs.30000. I prefer a...
  19. Cool G5

    Buying Digital camera - Budget Rs.15K~20K

    I am planning to get a Digital camera to fulfill my passion. My budget is around Rs.15K~20K. It should have a good optical zoom, decent video recording capability, comfortable grip.Also include memory card in this price. I want a 4 GB one preferably. If it doesn't come in my budget then 2 GB...
  20. S

    Best photography magazine

    guys...I'm very much interested in photography and I'm looking for an international magazine that is available in India..... Can ypu plz suggest some???
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